Eye Make-up Tips For Bespectacled Beauties

Wearing a pair of glasses should not affect the way you do up your eyes, should it?

Wearing a pair of glasses should not affect the way you do up your eyes, should it? Most young girls who do not want to wear contacts complain about not knowing how to make their eyes pop when their glasses are framing half their faces. Well, fret not, girls! We have drawn up a bunch of tips for bespectacled beauties. Did you say nerdy chick? This Valentine’s Day, wow him without losing your identity! Read on:

Complement your frame:
The thumb rule when it comes to doing up your eyes is to match your frames with your eyeshadow. This will draw all the attention towards your eyes, without making your look like a nerd. But if you don’t want to play match-match, compliment the eyeshadow with your frame. If your frame is a black, brown or deep purple, go for dusted brown, muted gold and brink pink shades of eyeshadow. If your frames happen to be in the funky range, say orange, pink or bright green, you should opt for peaches, rose, dusted browns and so on to make your eyes pop without drawing the attention away from your quirky glasses.

Thicker the glasses, thicker the liner:
Load up on mascara and eyeliner, along with a fabulously curled lashes when doing up your eyes. As your frames will instantly draw attention towards your eyes, it’s important to highlight them with a thick coat of liner, kohl and a generous amount of mascara. The best way to make this trick work is to work the same colour (or the shade closest to your frame) of liner as your frame. If your frame is black, go for black liner and mascara; If your frame is dark blue, go for midnight blue mascara and liner and so on. Remember, the thicker the frame, the thicker the liner.

Shimmer below the frame:
The area under your frame where the glasses meet your cheekbones should be highlighted too. Dab on some concealer around the bridge of your nose and the area below your frame so that dark circles and frame marks are hidden. Now, dust on some creamy shimmer/highlighter around the cheekbones, away from your nose to make the area more prominent. Your face will look more even and your eyes will pop better if the cheekbones are highlighted well. Use a neutral shade that evens out your skin and doesn’t stand out as an odd colour. Because your frames and eye make-up are already creating too many colours on your face.

Arched eyebrows
Another great tip while doing up your eyes behind the glasses is to make your eyebrows arched and lust-worthy. Draw a thin coat of gel liner on your eyebrows and blend it in well with the help of your finger. Dab a bit of Vaseline on your arch as a base coat before applying just a smidgen of make-up gel on them. The gel will highlight your eyebrows and make them look fabulously sexy above your frames. Even if you don’t have the time for kohl and mascara, don’t forget to jazz up your brows. In fact, the nude eyes look with only the brows made-up is an effortlessly chic look to wear to college and work. Try it out!

Colour on the lower lid:
The perfect way draw people in is to glam up your lower lid. Go for quirky and fun colours. On your lower lid that will look smashing against your bold frame. Make sure to blend the colours well with a neutral base of a colour similar to your frame to make the whole look elegant and not clown-esque. The lower lid should have just a streak of colour as too much can clash with your eyeliner. The best shades that do the work without looking odd are coppers, muted golds, grey-silvers, warm chocolates and peach-roses. Try these out today!

Do remember that your frames can either make your eyes look bigger or smaller so do up your eyes according to the size of your frame and not eyes. Also remember to match/complement at least one element of your eye make-up to your dress in case you have to take off your frames. Lastly, if you do not have time to do your eyes but want to look dressy for an outing, simply dab on a bold shade of red, coral, orange or violet on your lips with a lot of gloss thrown in. You will look stunning for sure.

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