Ditch The Same: Explore The Unexplored Natural Beauty Of Maharashtra State!

Explore The Unexplored Beauty Of Maharashtra

“Explore The Unexplored Beauty Of Maharashtra”

Maharashtra is known for its rich cultural heritage.

No doubt, it has its own unique beauty that captures all the attention and leaves a certain curiosity to explore amazing places more and more. Isn’t it?

Well in Maharashtra; exploring places is more like discovering ourselves. It is certainly not wrong to say that Maharashtra is a brand in itself. Maharashtra plus its nature is undoubtedly mesmerising and that’s what describes it’s status as Incredible.

The beauty of this state is so amazing that it also develops a tourism craze. Well, talking about the Maharashtra TourismExploring various places of this state always surprises us in more than one ways. Don’t you agree?  Right from hill-stations, religious temples, Forts & caves, beaches, museums and also the corners of Khau Galli is everything that brings out more and more excitement.

There are many tourist attractions and literally whenever someone talks about going out for a vacation and so on; there are several places that’ll always be on the tip of our tongue. Well, Ajanta caves, Shree Siddhivinayak or say Bandra-Worli sea link will always excites us but what about the other little-known places? Yes, you heard it right.

Even though you’ve travelled the corners of Maharashtra; there are certain other places that exists and are equally beautiful. For e.g.  When you’re talking about hill-station, the first thing that comes into the mind is Khandala-Lonavala but do you know a place named as “Kaas”.

Not just the hill-stations there are many places e.g. City tourism is always on front but how about exploring the tribal tourism i.e. exploring some beautiful warli paintings etc. Pratapgad is well-known for fort but have you heard about the Rajmachi Fort.

While planning to visit a heritage site; Elephanta caves or Ellora caves will always be an option but how about visiting somewhere else for e.g. Aga Khan Palace.

See there is so much beauty in Maharashtra but all you need is to dig deep down to find it in various places. Like the places I mentioned above might’ve surprised you but the truth is “they do exist and are equally fun-filled”. So while planning a trip next time-all you need to do is explore these unexplored ones too.

Check out this video and get a deep insight into several other unknown places.

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