Boost up your libido

If you have been underperforming in the bed, these natural ways will help boost up your sex drive…


If you have been underperforming in the bed, these natural ways will help boost up your sex drive…

Massage: It is always a welcoming and pleasant thought imaging a pair of hands working on your body and kneading away pockets of stress, while you just lie down and enjoy the bliss. While a massage is always a good idea, especially when you are getting it from your partner, try and spruce it up with dim lighting, romantic music, incensed candles and you will never come to know when it will lead to something else.

Look at your partner’s pic: After spending nine to ten hours everyday in office, it is quite natural for your brain to become coagulated with work and all you can think of after reaching home is to eat and sleep. Find time in the day to look at your partner’s photograph for sometime. A study has found that when people look at a photo of their beloved for 30 seconds or more, the brain begins to produce dopamine which boosts up libido.

Eat right: Even if you don’t stock up on aphrodisiacs like tomatoes, broccoli, pomegranate and others, try eating atleast five veggies or fruits everyday. The vitamins and antioxidants present in them will maintain good blood flow to the sex organs and prevent certain diseases. If you are not keeping in good health and your body is feeling sick from inside, it will invariably affect your sexual drive.

Maintain weight: If you are overweight, you really need to do something about it. Firstly, it affects your self-esteem and whether or not you agree, it does make you feel inferior and bad about yourself. It affects your sexual feelings and you may also end up suffering from a blood vessel disease which can reduce the blood flow to the genitals. Exercise and aerobics help increase the flow of blood in sex organs.

A glass of drink: Just one drink is enough to lubricate a nervous first-date situation. It will ease your stress and anxiety and get you in mood for some action. But have just one drink. The moment you overdo, it will become depressing and you will end up feeling quite the opposite of what you had intended to.

Stop being a chimney: Nobody wants to kiss an ashtray. Also, smoking causes the blood vessels to become narrow and restricts the flow of blood to sex organs.  

Spoil yourself: Anything that improves self-esteem will help improve libido. Whenever you are feeling down or have had a bad day at work or someone dear has said something to you which is making you sad, just indulge yourself. Treat yourself to a nice meal, dig into your favourite dessert or pamper your body with a spa treatment or expensive facial, or buy something for yourself.

A spooky flick: Watch a spooky, scary movie while lying in bed with your partner and feel the adrenaline rush gush through your body. You will end up feeling more amorous when you do something daring because your heart will start pumping the way it does when you are sexually aroused.

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