5 Benefits Of Flax Seeds

Benefits of flax seeds

Benefits of flax seeds – It is otherwise called the most beneficial plat seed under the sun.

Flax seeds are highly sought after for curing heart diseases, cancer, stroke, diabetes et al. It has hence a towering benefit than other plant seeds that medical science has encountered with since time immemorial.

Flaxseed first rose into prominence in Babylon during 3000 BC, argumentatively in the 8th century where it was believed to bear a lot of medicinal and therapeutic qualities. Almost all the healthy staples ranging from crackers, frozen waffles to oatmeal come with a generous quantity of flaxseeds which legged up the cultivation of the same in the world over.

Here under we will discuss a handful of health benefits of flaxseeds:

Benefits of flax seeds –

  • Flaxseeds are high with Omega-3 fatty acids and also contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which are very good for curing heart diseases. You can avert the chances of a heart attack if you consume flax seeds on a regular basis. That aside, flaxseeds are endowed with Lignans which are the anti-oxidants and estrogen-borne plant properties believed to cure cancer.
  • Kids in the tender ages are mostly prone to developing diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, childhood asthma etc. The regular consumption of flax seeds can keep these diseases at bay and your child healthy.
  • Flax seeds are high in protein and fibre so if your child is too irritable and refusing to have his food that deprives him from getting the requisite nutrition, feeding him powdered flax seed in his milk can compensate the nutritional need.
  • Flax seeds are a boon for the weight watchers who want to fill fuller for a long time and keep untimely hunger at arm’s length. You can add powdered flax seed in your meal at it enhances the very nutritional quality of it.
  • Flax seeds work wonders in lowering the cholesterol level that even young guns today fall prey to.

These are the top 5 health benefits of consuming flax seeds. You have add it to your diet to see the magic happen!

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