Beat stress while at work

Follow these quick steps to take stress head-on and beat it, too.


Follow these quick steps to take stress head-on and beat it, too.

Step out: We are living creatures, not machines and we need to feel the world around us to ensure that we are a part of it. Those days when I don’t even have the time to think what nonsense I have stuffed my stomach with, when I leave my office premises, even the cacophony of traffic snarls seems pleasant and real. Sitting inside an AC office throughout the day can make you feel a little retarded. Step out to get your doze of some fresh air and sunshine and you will come back feeling relaxed. No matter how packed and taxing the day looks like, make sure that you go out for a walk, lunch, or coffee with colleagues.

You Tube: This is an instant stress buster. When you see a never ending line of work piled up in front of you, your boss has given you a piece of his mind and nothing seems to be going right, just switch off from the world surrounding you. Plug your earphones and spend atleast 10 minutes on randomly searching on YouTube, watching funny clips, latest movie trailers or anything that is sure to pep up your mood. Don’t let stress get a better hold of you.

Read jokes: The best thing to do when you have received a yelling from your boss is to read up on jokes. Believe me. It will make the world seem a better place to live and your boss an easy nut to crack. Never sit and mull over things, which won’t hold any ground the next day. Don’t lose your peace over little things, just stay happy and get on with your work. Not only will you save quite a few strands of hair, you will also be able to perform better.

Take deep breaths: Alright. To many of us, meditation only induces sleep and we are never able to hold our thoughts back and be completely blank for some time. But when you have gigantic workload crashing upon you, a few deep breaths will also clear out a lot of clutter from your brain. People who have to shuffle between office and work, should swear by it. There is already a lot playing on your head and when you see a lot of office work in front of your eyes, it only adds to the pressure. Just take five minutes out and deep breathe. It will really help.    

Call up: When the workspace turns into a battleground, you have a lot of deadlines to meet and you are a little gloomy and depressed, call up a friend or your mom or whoever makes you feel wanted. There are times when I feel let down at the turn of events, but, when I speak to my mom, she re-ensures that I am the best, a lot of people love me and I am very significant to the lives of many near and dear ones.

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