5 socially awkward situations in life

Here are five socially awkward situations that you make you want to dig up a hole and disappear.

That life is pretty much weird where you don’t know what is happening is understood. We all agree with that, yeah. But there are some really awkward situations in life, which you make you want to dig up a hole and disappear. Here are five we dread, what about you?

Pretending to text, when waiting for somebody:

How many times have you texted told free Vodafone number s or sent multiple ‘hi’ to your mother because you were bored waiting for your friend to show up? It’s so frustrating when you have nothing to do but don’t want to look utterly stupid so you start texting/pretending to text! With the availability of smartphones, we don’t look THAT foolish waiting. But imagine the days when you didn’t have a gadget in hand to act as a distraction. What did people do then? I am so going to ask dad about it.


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