4 Things You Must Have To Watch Humshakals

‘Humshakals’, the movie is directed by Sajid Khan of the horrible jokes club. If you’re desperate this Sunday to watch Humshakals, you MUST have tolerance

When you have a movie that’s called ‘Humshakals’, yes with an S, you know you’re in for something bad.

And when the said movie is directed by Sajid Khan of the horrible jokes club, you know you’re doomed.

If you’re desperate this Sunday and have to watch Humshakals, you MUST have the following with you…read on:

Zero imagination:
Only if you’re blessed with zero imagination and a stunted growth of the brain cells can you watch this 1.52 hours of pure misery. We have heard of leaving our brains at home, but this movie makes you want to pull your brain out in the middle of the movie. If you think we are exaggerating, please go and watch this disaster for yourself! In fact, the only good thing about the movie is that it comes to an end.

High tolerance level:
Yes, it’s a given. If you don’t have a high tolerance level, there’s no way you can sit through this mockery of a movie. It will make you cringe, make faces and generally hate yourself for voluntarily putting yourself through this pain. But if your tolerance level is high, you can not only watch this movie, but also all of it’s sequels! If you enjoy bad jokes and inane songs popping up every other scene, you must go for this treat of a movie.

You have to be a racist, a homophobe and generally love fat people jokes and other such crap to enjoy this gem. If over the top dialogues that make fun of the mentally challenged member of the society and crude jokes of midgets are your idea of a fun evening, you are eligible to watch this disaster. You can also take your other equally racist friends along who will not mind laughing over such sad jokes. If Sajid Khan has cited Jim Carrey and Kishor Kumar as his inspirations, he should have come up with better wit and a decent plot.

Suicidal thoughts:
If you have been suicidal for a while, it’s time to head to the nearest theatre to watch the Nawab of Pataudi behaving like a dog and Riteish Deshmukh dry humping like a doggy. Let’s not forget the actresses who have precious little to do other than strut around in skimpy clothes and sprout bad lines. All your suicidal thoughts will fly out the window as you would want to live a long life so you can meet Sajid Khan and ask him to refund your ticket money!

Now that you’re equipped with these tools, are you still planning to watch this movie?

If you’re, we would be praying for you…don’t worry!

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