Shocking! 11 Girls Disappearing Every Day From Delhi!

Women safety in Delhi

Women Safety In Delhi – When it comes to women safety, Delhi is already considered the most dangerous city. Yes, the capital of India is not safe even in the daytime. Unfortunately, rape cases have become very common in the national capital.

Women Safety In Delhi, Girls don’t feel safe on the roads and often avoid to go to the remote places withing the Delhi.

Women safety in Delhi

When they are not safe in the daytime, then the situation of the night is just unimaginable. These days,  there is a startling news related to girl safety, which again let down the people of Delhi and proves it unsafe for the girls.

It is very disheartening that people have started calling it a Rape Capital and unfortunately this is absolutely true.

You will be ashamed to hear that when it comes to eve-teasing and even rape cases, Delhi top the list. If you look at the 2017 figure of Delhi police, about 11 girls are disappearing every day from the national capital.

Women safety in Delhi

The recently released report by the Alliance for People’s Rights, Delhi shows that the missing girls are majorly from 12 to 18 years. These girls are kidnapped for human trafficking. There are many reasons behind the trafficking of girls from this age group. Figures show that 213 girls of 0-8 years have disappeared in 2017. While 166 girls of 8 to 12 years have gone missing. The number of girls of 12-18 years of age has gone up to 3536. The number of missing girls of this age group is even more than twice the number of missing boys of the same age group.

As we are talking about missing girls, let us also tell you that only 2560 girls were found out of the total 3915 girls who disappeared. The police have not yet found any lead about the remaining 1359 girls.

Women safety in Delhi

In this saddened situation, there is a strong possibility that the kidnappers kidnap these girls for human trafficking. Although the statistics of Delhi Police show that the number of missing girls and boys has decreased compared to 2016, at the same time the number of found children was also reduced from 2016 to 2017, i.e. we lost fewer children but we cannot be happy for this because even a single kid matters.

Being the national capital, a metro city and a major centre of Indian politics, people should feel even safer in Delhi than the smaller cities but the situation is the exact opposite, people are the most vulnerable here and Women safety in Delhi is in danger.

It is not that only women, girls and the elders are unsafe in Delhi but everyone living here is in the vicinity of insecurity.

The Saddened Situation!

Women safety in Delhi – In spite of this, we are not seeing the government taking any major step for women safety. However, they claim that they are working for the same but there is no such improvement on the root level. Despite such crimes, no action has been taken to strengthen the Delhi Police. Well! we hope that things will improve soon and the beautiful city will become safer for everyone.

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