The Communal Food And The Secular Toads Of Monsoon Session

The spin in the ‘Shiv Sena MPs feeding catering manager’ tale came when the name of the person was revealed. The food turned communal and secular toads started croaking.

“All the world is a hypocritical stage, and all the actors are big hypocrites than others.” 

This would perhaps have been the modern Shakespearean line where people remember religion as and when necessary for their profit.

Shiv Sena MPs at Maharshtra Sadan yesterday forced a catering manager to consume a chappati . The MPs were trying to record their protest over the sub-standard and tasteless food being served at the Maharshtra Sadan canteen. Forcing food down someone’s gut even as a matter of protest is indeed condemnable and must amount to cruelty.

But, as it later turned out much to the happiness of anti-government Indian media, the catering officer was a Muslim. A video footage accessed by television channels shows Shiv Sena MP Rajan Vichare force feeding Arshad, the manager of the catering service in the residency.

The story spun from there.

It was in big bold headlines in all the newspapers and media channels that ‘Shiv Sena MPs forced a Muslim catering officer to break his Roza by force-feeding him a Chappati‘. Vichare, the MP in question, explained, “The facilities aren’t proper at Maharashtra Sadan. It is the same thing as going to a restaurant. If you are served bad food, won’t you call the manager and ask him to taste it? We did the same.”

But the case was no longer of sub-standard food, it had taken a communal colour where all the people with fake secular credential in the country started croaking in high pitch.

The Lok Sabha faced protests and opposition parties slammed the Sena demanding an immediate apology as well as their suspension from Parliament.

Kamal Nath, Congress: It is extremely shameful, I have raised the issue in Parliament. This demonstrates Shiv Sena’s mindset.

Ali Anwar, JD(U): Elections are due in Maharashtra, I feel that Shiv Sena MPs have done this with the intent to polarise the electorate. FIR should be lodged against them, their membership must be cancelled.

Sitaram Yechury, CPI-M: We want a discussion in the zero hour and Parliament should clearly state that such acts won’t be tolerated. Until there is a national judicial commission there will be no answer to issues like this.

Manish Tewari, Congress: The MPs should tender a public apology,there is no place for this kind of majoritarianism. It is absolutely reprehensible, should be condemned in the strongest possible manner.

Mayawati, BSP: If there is any truth in this, without any delay Central government must take strict action and arrest the MPs

Rashid Alvi, Congress: It is against the constitution and secularism, their Parliament membership should be cancelled.

Naresh Agarwal, SP: Highly condemnable but I know the government there won’t act on this, but they must.

Sanjay Jha, Congress: Ever since the BJP has come into power, extreme right wing Hindutva forces seem to have become emboldened. The Shiv Sena incident is proof.

Addition to this list is Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah who tweeted:


Well, well, if the case has become so communal, let us draw the attention of our dear secular MPs towards more communal pictures in the country.

There was a little girl raped in the heart of Bangalore city. The perpetrator was a fasting Muslim. Does Islam allow raping children during Ramdan?

Abdullah wants to shame the government over the action of few MPs but he fails to answer to this day regarding attacks on Amarnath Yatra pilgrims. Beating 100s of Hindus, vandalizing their temples and threatening Kashmiri Pundits on their plan to return to Kashmir are some issues which should put Abdullah to shame for sure.

While the secular toads are ranting about cruelty on a fasting Muslim, why don’t they outrage over Kerala schools not serving mid-day meals to small children because of Ramzan? Doesn’t it amount to cruelty?

The Indian system has become a hypocritical fabric where Muslims are the only community spared some attention and sympathy. They gain in the garb of ‘minority’ and are protected even when they commit rarest of rare crimes for it will harm their community.

A Hindu killing people becomes a Hindu terrorist, but tons of Muslims terrorizing the population are not named because secular toads then remember that ‘terrorism has no religion’.

And this is how food becomes a communal weapon for secular toads in monsoon session.

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