Return Of The Dead: AAP Member Chandra Mohan Sharma’s Filmy Kahani

Chandra Mohan Sharma’s car had caught fire in the Greater Noida area where he had apparently died. He was nabbed by the police in Bangalore on Wednesday.

Remember the gruesome car accident where Aam Aadmi Party leader and RTI activist Chandra Mohan Sharma lost his life?

Well, all the agitation by AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal against police laxity in the case went in vain.

Apparently, Sharma is alive.

The case came to light on May 3, 2014, where Sharma’s car had caught fire in the Greater Noida area and was reported by a passerby to the police. The charred body, that was found inside the car, was taken to be that of Sharma and it was assumed by his family that he was killed by the enemies he created due to his profession of being RTI activist.

But the case was not this simple as accepted by Sharma himself who is in custody of Karnataka police now.

It is rather a filmi one.

As reported in the media, Sharma, who was picked up by Karnataka police on Wednesday, confessed that he killed a man to fake his death in order to get away from his unhappy married life and a party to this crime was his brother-in-law.

Sharma was in love with a 26 year old unmarried woman. According to the police, he narrated his family problems to Videsh (brother-in-law) and said if his death was staged, Videsh’s sister would get a job and money from insurance policies that Sharma had.

Videsh, agreeing to his plans, brought a mentally unstable homeless man from Ansal Plaza in Delhi to Greater Noida and then helped Sharma strangle him and place him behind the wheels of a car. Sharma left his wallet and personal belongings to make the body look like his, and set the car on fire.

Sharma then blissfully left for Bangalore with his lover and was living under an alias of Nitin Sharma, a resident of Hisar in Haryana. He had shaved his hair, even forged his certificates and found job in Honda’s factory. Since he was working at Honda at the time of his disappearance, he had the requisite qualification and experience for the job.

But the police caught his tell.

Sharma’s family had alleged that he was murdered because he was looking for land records of a disputed temple in Kasna village through RTI queries. During the investigation of his murder, the police came across another case where a woman went missing from Kasna in June days after his death. It was the same woman Sharma had an affair with.

In mid-August, her family got a phone call saying that the woman was in Tirupati but when tracked the call traced to a public phone in Bangalore. Through eye-witnesses and CCTV footage, police found that the calls were made by a man in a Honda uniform. Evidence led police to the Honda’s factory in Narasapur, which is about 50km from Bangalore.

And there Sharma was found and identified through the tattoos on her body.

The woman too was found in Kollar.

Reportedly, Sharma’s family was supposed to get 36 lakh as claim from Honda Siel after his death.

The company had already paid 20 lakh and was about to make the rest of the payment when the police got leads that Sharma was alive.

Now Sharma and his brother-in-law face charges of murder.

While Sharma’s wife Savita is unable to come in terms with the truth.

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