Restaurant Shut Due to Pandemic Earns Lacs in Nano Car

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The covid 19 pandemic is now a curse to the people when they struggle for earnings. Many restaurants shut, owners are looking for different ways to earn their living. Jobs are no longer available, it is the time that Pankaj Nerurkar has a new mode of living earns lacs in nano car.

This started after his restaurant at Dadar closed during the pandemic.
Though the restaurant is not open now he continues to sell his food. His food was popular, Malvani food that is still available in his small movable restaurant. It is his small nano car, believe it or not! People come to his nano car to have a delicious plate of Malvani food.

Earning Lacs in nano each month

Being a talented chef it was not at all difficult to cook good food for his consumers. But the main problem was the space for his customers. They can come and have their food. Affording space cannot be possible when there is almost no money. Pankaj decides to start his business from nowhere in his small nano car.
A mobile restaurant that once owned a restaurant in Dadar; now earns lacs each month. Nothing is impossible when there are determination and talent.
Each day customers come up to his car to enjoy his delicious Malvani preparation.

Khadpe’s restaurant at Dadar

The Khadpe’s was the restaurant that closed during the pandemic of Covid 19. The popularity of the food was so high that people from different parts of the city visited the restaurant. The owner of Khapde’s has been one of the top chefs working in Hyatt and the Irish House. His experience and hard work did not let him down even after the hard times. When the restaurant is closed and no earnings are from their occupation.

He rediscovered his desire to work and get back to his occupation. Now he prepares the special edition of the Malvani food and sells food to earn lacs in Nano car. Pankaj has been working as a chef for twenty years, it is the dedication to his work that he was able to get back his place.

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Experience and proper determination gives the goal

The restaurant was three years old and had the best customers for their food. Traditional food and customized food edition were popular that attracted foodies. A large queue awaited outside, to about 40 to 60 people to savor the Malvani food style. But it is the curse of the pandemic that it is no longer running after 2020.

Both Pankaj and his wife are working together as before to restart their journey. It has been few months that they have started and the earnings are no less than one lac per month.

Pankaj is a great inspiration to the people who have lost their job. Now are left dishearten without any way of earnings. If there is a strong determination and desire to grow in life then struggles do not matter. As struggles are the ways to success, that one can achieve if they dream to fulfill

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