The Siachen Surprise: PM Narendra Modi Celebrates Diwali With Indian Army

PM Modi’s surprise visit to Siachen – He said that he did not intimate the soldiers about his visit as there was ‘œno need to announce one’s arrival when coming to one’s own family’.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had decided to spend the day with flood victims of the valley and understand the troubles that they were facing. He announced an addition package of Rs 740 crores for the relief work in the valley.

He had to return to the capital by the evening. But then, when has he ever failed to spring a surprise?

The Prime Minister gave a surprise visit to the freezing Siachen where he met the Indian troop serving the country on the day of Diwali. He said that he did not intimate the soldiers about his visit as there was “no need to announce one’s arrival when coming to one’s own family”.

PM Modi said he wanted to see and experience the conditions faced by soldiers. “No one has got the opportunity of guarding their motherland in these conditions. As a pradhan sevak, I have been able to see the conditions faced by you with my own eyes, experience it. The doctors accompanying us were keeping tabs on me…checking my BP and oxygen. This shows how precarious are the conditions you live in,” the Prime Minister told soldiers at the 12,000ft base camp of the glacier, the world’s highest battlefield.

“I have especially come on the occasion of Diwali to be with you. I am aware how it feels like to spend Diwali with your family. The happiness is different, but you are so involved in the devotion to your motherland that (your) family is spending Diwali somewhere else and you are somewhere else, guarding the motherland. My coming to this place will not fill the void of your family, but as a representative of 125 crore people…after being with you, I feel proud and satisfied,” he further said.

The Prime Minister assured the armed forces that his government was committed to building National War Memorial as it was an emotional subject for him and his government. He also said that he will try his best to help the jawans realize their dreams ad responsibility by assuring that they live respectfully and comfortably with their families after their retirement.

“How many decades have passed without one-rank-one pension. It was in my destiny that one-rank-one pension has been fulfilled, and preparations were being made for a National War Memorial, that we could all be proud of. The government is committed to the cause,” he said.

He also lauded the troops for their commendable rescue and relief work during the flood in the valley.

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