Visit These Places To See Lions In India

Places in India where lions are found

Places in India where lions are found – Though India is blessed with a wide number of natural beauties including the wildlife, Lions are found in few places that can make your search to see the Asiatic Lions limited, who are also one of the endangered species and the government has taken the steps to preserve them apart from the dense Gir forest.

Gujarat, in order to see the lions you can visit these wildlife sanctuaries which also has other wildlife that can bring in more interest in forest adventures and animals they are :

Places in India where lions are found –

Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

Popular for lions and elephants and every year several tourists visit this reserved forest to watch nature’s creations, the forest and the wildlife. The forest is covered with a plateau on one side that is the southeast part of Pratapgarh.

Trees density or the so-called floras are plenty in the form of dry deciduous forest. Lions have reduced and so they are secured under the forest authority, new plans are made to bring few more Asiatic lions from the Gir National park which has the higher density lions present and apart from it other species of birds and animals can also meet your forest tour.

Places in India where lions are found

Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh

One of the densest forests located at about 200m from Gwalior also with the highest number of lions found in India. Moist deciduous forest covered with the Sal trees with also a dense part with bamboo trees. Though, once again just because it has the good density of lions once again you have to be lucky to see the lions bounded within the tourist one in the forest.

Apart from it, many wildlife animals are seen in the forest belonging from different species.

Places in India where lions are found

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat

Attractive tourist place is the wildlife sanctuary with the enormous nature’s beauty and greenery along with the wildlife. It is also known as Lion’s reserve forest which is in Jamnagar, Gujarat

You have to lucky enough to see the lions as it is limited in numbers and being the endangered species it is almost less possible to be in the eyes of the tourists, apart from one more attractions are the deer, migrated birds which are found in numbers of species.

Places in India where lions are found

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

The home for the leopards and tigers and lions, wildlife sanctuary forests in Rajasthan. It was once the hunting place of the Maharaja of Rajasthan.

You can expect to have the special tours for the lions, it is the place where the wildlife sanctuary of the forests can allow the visitors to extend to the lions, they may be spotted anytime while the mother hunting or taking care of their little ones.

Places in India where lions are found

These are the places in India where lions are found – Visiting these forest should not be only targeted to see the Asiatic lions but also to know about new species and the other wildlife, it may be the birds, bison, wild elephants, dangerous crocodiles and many more unknown species that will give you more interest in initiating for further the forest tours.

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