7 Most Shocking Beauty Pageant Scandals Of All Time


Recently the uncrowning of Miss Columbia during Miss Universe pageant show was the talk of the town. The video showcasing the whole goof up by the host Steve Harvey broke the internet. He further attracted flak and trolls for  apologizing her on Twitter and also spelt her name wrong.

Well, this is not just one embarrassing moment in the history of pageants, previously many beauty pageants shows got extra lime light because of some controversy or other.

Let us have a look at some controversial Beauty queens of all time that stirred the world :

1. When Miss India Lakshmi Pandit Relinquished Crown For Wedding Lie.

She surrendered her crown as soon as the news of her alleged marriage to model Sidharth Misra came out in public. She revealed later that she gave wrong information about her marriage just to get accommodation in the city.


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