5 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Goa On New Year’s Eve

Goa on New Year Eve

Goa on New Year Eve – There’s a lot of hype around the country for going Goa when it’s New Year’s Eve and especially for the youngsters.

Maybe because of the cheap booze or the amazing beaches, but Goa during New Year’s Eve is way too overrated.

Almost half of the youth is there during 31st of December and it becomes just not so Goa at that time. I can give you a lot of reasons why going to Goa on New Year Eve is not a good option and here are the six best of them.

Goa on New Year Eve – 

  1. It’s too over-crowded

Goa is a place where you party with a thousand place but it’s also about those serene beaches and the peace that you get there. But if you will go Goa on New Year’s Eve, all you will be able to find is a lot of crowd at every corner of every beach.

  1. The parties get too overrated

You might have heard from a lot of people that the best New Year’s parties are at held in Goa but it’s not actually the truth. The parties there are way too over-rated at this time of the year and you may as well attend another great party in some other city.

  1. The crowd is cheap

Goa is not just crowded at this time of the year, but the people over there are really not appropriate to be around. Especially, for the girls because all the brats from around the country who are half illiterate think of no place but Goa at this time. In fact, they come there just too do some girl-watching and get high.

  1. You won’t find a good place to stay

Goa gets packed 3 months before New Year’s Eve for the occasion and it becomes really very hard to find your desirable place to stay at that time. Now, the point is that if you are going to spend some money to go somewhere, you should be able to find a great place to put up at least, right?

  1. It gets too expensive during New Year’s

This is the truth that we all should accept because every place in Goa actually doubles its prices during New Year’s Eve. After all, they get a lot of tourists at that time of the year and they know that people will be ready to pay whatever price is offered.

These are the reasons you should not go Goa on new year eve – However, Goa is really a great place to be at but if you’re looking to enjoy it totally, go at any time but New Year’s.

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