Know How Gandhi Ji Told The Value Of A Minute To His Grandson

Gandhi ji

When we hear the surname Gandhi, we recognize India Gandhi and her family instead of recognizing the actual family of Mahatma Gandhi. Yes, today, Indira Gandhi’s family, including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, is more popular. But the actual family of Gandhi Ji is far away from Indian politics.

When it comes to the real family of Gandhi Ji, we found that there is a very little discussion about them. Well! with this fading memories today we will tell you an interesting story related to Gandhi Ji and his grandson.

Gandhi ji

The incidence that we are going to share with you is of Gandhi’s freedom struggle. All the people of India were then dreaming of freedom for the country and in order to become an independent country they were following Gandhi Ji. During this time Gandhiji visited the UP. During that time he had to travel by train almost every day. He spent most of his time in the trains. Gandhiji always used to sit in the third class of the train.

Once, his grandson Kanti was accompanying him. And even in the fast-moving train Gandhiji was busy in his work and was editing articles for his weekly papers ‘Young India’ and ‘Navjivan’.

Gandhi ji

All magazines were scattered all around Gandhi Ji. Gandhiji’s watch was buried under these papers and when Gandhiji started looking for his watch it took a lot of time.

Even after struggling for few minutes, he could not find his watch, then he asked his grandson Kanti what time it was. Kanti replied – Baba, it is five o’clock. Then Gandhiji called Kanti and saw his watch, then there was still a minute left for him in five minutes. Gandhiji got angry at this, asked Kanti – see clearly what is the exact time in your watch. Then Kanti looked carefully at the clock and told that one minute to five.

On this incidence, Gandhi Ji said “but earlier you told me incorrect time”, “if you had to assume the time, then why are you wearing a watch? just try to add 30 million minutes and then see how many hours, months and days will be created, what would have worsened if you spoke the accurate time? Gandhi Ji asked.

Gandhi ji

After this, Gandhi Ji explained to Kanti that how these small things become a bad habit or addiction and then harms us in a long run. Gradually it will become a habit to tell incorrect time for the rest of the life. So, do not let such negligence happen any further.

So, this is how Gandhi Ji taught the value of a minute to his grandson, Kanti. And mind you this lesson is not for Kanti only but for all of us, I am sure it is everybody’s nature to tell the time in round figures which are not a good habit. Because even a single minute matters a lot.

Friends, this instance also teaches us that we should not ignore the time. Time is the strongest element in human life and it can make or destroy you anytime. Lastly, if you are also habitual to assume the time like Kanti, then just quit this bad habit now because it is just not good for you.

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