Things Only A Delhiite Living In Mumbai Will Understand

Delhiite Living In Mumbai

Delhiite Living In Mumbai –

We all know how the war of culture between Delhi and Mumbai is no less than India and Pakistan.

In fact, if you ask their respective citizens, they will tell you how the debate of ‘who is better’ never ends.

Even then, a lot of Mumbaikars put up in Delhi and a lot of Delhiites get settled in Mumbai for various reasons.

Well, they do get settled but the huge difference they see in both the cities is astounding. Being one such Delhiite Living In Mumbai, only I and obviously the likes of me will understand these things:

1. No space at all

When a Delhiite goes house hunting in Mumbai, all they find is a one room kitchen in the name of a 1 BHK. To be honest, that whole flat is what one single room of a flat in Delhi looks like.

2. The local rush

Yes, there is a lot of rush in Delhi Metro too but if we multiply that crowd with 100, that’s what we find in the locals. Another important thing is that Delhi Metros have centralized AC, which means no suffocation at all.

3. The auto-rickshaw

That’s one good thing about Mumbai because the moment we sit in an auto-rickshaw, it starts moving without asking. In Delhi, we literally have to bargain and request every auto rickshaw because they agree to go only as per their mood.

4. No Chhole Bhature

This is like the hardest thing to deal with in Mumbai because every Delhiite loves to feast on Chhole Bhature either in breakfast or in lunch. Here, there is not even a single sign of Chhole Bhature.

5. It’s all about Pav

VadaPav, Samosa Pav, BhajiaPav, Missal Pav and so on. Why are the people of Mumbai so obsessed with Pav? What’s worse? We love to eat RajmaChawal and here, they even eat Rajmawith Pav. Like, seriously?

So this what Delhiite Living In Mumbai think about Mumbai – Even after all these things, I’d say that I am in love with this city.  Yes, I can ignore these minor things because in the end, you don’t live in Mumbai, you feel Mumbai.

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