Dear Mr Kejriwal, Who Are You To Forgive Lali?

If at all someone deserves an apology, it is Lali.

A day after being slapped by a common man, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal met his assaulter. Kejriwal, who was accompanied by Manish Sisodia and other AAP workers, presented the autorikshaw driver Lali a bouquet at his residence in Aman Vihar area of outer Delhi.

“I forgave him,” he said after meeting 38-year-old Lali.

On Tuesday, Lali had first garlanded Kejriwal and then slapped him at the roadshow. Kejriwal sustained a minor injury in his left eye and his spectacles were damaged in the attack.

Soon after the attack, Lali was thrashed by AAP workers and detained by the police. He was also questioned by the media where he had accused Kejriwal of not fulfilling promises made to auto drivers. As the course turned, it was learned that poor Lali had donated Rs 500 to AAP and was quite disappointed with Kejriwal-led government’s work.

Later, at a press conference, Kejriwal had as usual alleged that attacks on him were a part of a “larger conspiracy” and questioned why these acts were only carried out against him and his party. He had even tweeted his ‘opinions’ on twitter.

“Why do these people attack only us and not others? In future, we will also have more dangerous attacks and life threatening attacks, but we have to be ready to face them and not retaliate,” Kejriwal had said.

Despite repeated attacks, Kejriwal refuses to take security. He fails to acknowledge the problems that are surrounding his party. His attackers have always turned out to be one of his party members or supporters.

Lali was not an attacker. He was a victim of Kejriwal’s non-perfirming short-lived government. He was a victim of broken promises. And he was a victim of assault too as Kejriwal’s unruly men beat him black and blue. Also, Lali was defamed by Kejriwal, who dubbed him a part of a ‘cosipiracy’, and his fanatics who hurled abuses at him.

If at all someone deserves an apology, it is Lali.

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