Birthday blessings to Hon’ble Prime Minister

Sexist remarks

Being bigger than ordinary is challenging for having balanced approach towards day to day life. One gets bouquets every day. At the same time one bears burden of thorns of harsh criticism every minute. Above all, there is bundle of problematic riddles on the head increasing every second.

That’s what means to having the position of Prime Minister of the largest democracy of the world with huge population, vast land with thousands of variations. This position of high power has given Narendra Modi to prove his strength and vision for welfare of common people. He seems to be at ease in public view. He carries on his responsibility day and night with untiring endeavour. He smiles. He frowns. He laughs. He cries.

Believe me he is human like any of us yet meant to rise higher than all of us.

He strives against all odds. He speaks non stop for hours. He meets many persons of authority. He shakes hands with warmth with discriminating one against others. He embraces one and all in foreign land as well as on our own pious muddy country.

He walks behind the departed soul of our dear Prime Minister Atal ji. He flies high when our airforce takes swift action against terrorists. He bows down before baba of Shirdi and Sri Aurobindo and his own blessed mother.

There is much more in his head what anyone on this earth can assume. He has his platter full of policy. He knows how to play Power * Power in politics. He has knack to bringing world leaders on terms for the sake of national interest. He lives for national treasure to be preserved. He loves wildlife and nature to be protected.

Yes ! Narendra Modi is Man with difference!

Analytical inference of this man can be concluded as:
“Success is not money or muscle power, not even fat pay bracket or place on high table. Success is being at peace with yourself n courage to say ‘No’ guided by inner self. Appeasement at the cost of own principles is the cause of failure. Other way round lies success.”

This is how our Prime Minister mirrored in the minds of those who vote or may not vote for him and his party.

Our dear Prime Minister is precious Birthday Boy today.

Let us wish him Success, progress and performance as always with bountiful of affection and respect.  After all birthday wishes emanating from heart reach beautifully to hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Divine blessings are bestowed upon him from above.

Happy Birthday once again dear hon’ble Prime Minister!

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