6 Signs That Prove Geography Is Just Not Your Thing

Kids often hate different subjects in school. Usually it’s always the maths. But some find even Geography annoying. Here’s a list of signs which show that you too might have hated the subject.

As a kid, I really hated it whenever somebody asked the capital of any city…err, state!

Yes, there are some of us out there who suck at Geography and no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to get it right.

Continents, countries, states, cities, capitals; oh wait, there’s some twisted thing called Union Territories too.

Blah! Too much to handle.

Here are 6 signs that clearly depict that Geography is just not your thing!

1.   You are always confused how many states our country has 

Seriously dude! What was the bloody need for Chattisgarh, Uttrakhand, and…I don’t know what else is there. It’s just all a giant controversy to further confuse us poor souls.



2.   Union territories is a word which terrifies the hell out of you.

Okay, I have tried to figure out all my life what is this whole deal with UTs. But eventually, it just never came to me. Why can’t you all be just plain, simple cities?



3.  You hated the time in exams they handed you the copy of the world map.

This was  always the most annoying part of the Geography exam. Mark this city and that capital on the world map. Why, oh why!



4.  You think knowing that the Earth is round is Geography enough.

I know, why can’t people just appreciate that you know your basic facts right. What’s there to knowing capitals and countries!



5.  You think that USA and America is the same thing

And whenever someone points out that America is a continent, you go like whaaa!



6.  And when someone tells you Australia is also a continent.

Okay, you have all right to be confused now. It’s an island, it’s a country, it’s a continent; come on, make up your  mind people!


There’s whole lot of stuff that we hate in our schooltime, but eventually we learn to live with this. But boy! Somethings are always on our ‘I-hate-you-forever’ radar.

In case you have any, please let us know. 

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