5 Behaviours You Exhibit When You Unwillingly Attend A Wedding

When you unwillingly attend a wedding – you attend the ceremony because you are forced to, but you make sure that your displeasure is known to everyone by exhibiting unusual behavior.

You think weddings are fun, don’t you? Well, not for a few people. This lot feels the ceremony annoying and makes it a point to steer away from it as much as possible.

Even if you hated weddings as kids, chances are that you attended them anyway because your parents forcibly took you along.

Not much has changed for many people, as they are forced to attend wedding ceremonies that they do not wish to.

Hence, in order to exact revenge or just to exhibit their disappointment, they behave unnaturally inside the wedding hall.

If you are one of these persons, you must have behaved in one of these manners listed below –




This is one of the most natural reactions. You just want to get the hell out of the wedding hall even before you step foot inside it. So, what better to annoy others accompanying you than complaining? You criticise not just the setup, but also the attendees and the families of the bride and the groom while making sure your voice is low enough for them to not hear.




Obviously, when you are in a group, conversations will transpire. However, since you are annoyed, you will make sure that everyone is aware about the same by being non-responsive. Even if you respond, it would be monosyllabic and restricted to minimal participation.





Constantly on Phone


You would also be constantly on the phone looking through social media updates or clicking selfies complemented by a comment displaying your displeasure on attending the wedding. You would not care what people think of you. Putting your family in a tight spot is your ultimate goal.


Isolate from the Crowd


Since you were not interested in attending the wedding, it is obvious that the attendees would not interest you either. You will make it a point to stay as away from the crowd as possible, in the process avoiding conversation of any kind.

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