When Twitterati Shared Lies Men Tell Women!


Yesterday social media was abuzz with #LiesMenTell, making it one of the top trend.

And well even men participated in it making it pretty more interesting.

So today lets see what twitterati shared on lies men tell women.

Some of them are hilariously true and epic.

Check them out!

Well we know guys you lie about it most of the time!

Looks like she knows men better!

Ah! How on earth do we believe some of you!

Haha and this is the biggest lie!



The lie which is so good to hear!

And they didn’t even leave Salman Khan!

It’s like girls saying I’ll get ready in 10 minutes!

Haha! How do they come up with such excuses while lying too?

Oh yeah! Business trip to Bangkok may be 😉


And we believe it!


And then they forget about it!

This is just like I wasn’t even checking her out!

So now you know when possibly your men is lying.

You might need it for your reference ladies.

Hope boys had fun and got nostalgic reading it.

Don’t forget to share what lie you tell in the comments section below.

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