What if Indian moms were spies

Indian moms are a class apart. In their psyche, they equate themselves to Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot. Wondering why? well, try to lie to yours for figuring things out, she will animatedly raise eyebrow and counter question on even your crystalline lies. It is always a no-win scenario for you because she knows a great deal. In fact worse, you can expect her to land up as a meteorite in the late night party with your friends just to check on whether or not you are in your senses. That blank amazement you experience right then is every Indian mom’s forte. Probably, they are the human version of drones that are licensed to hover over you wherever you go, albeit sneakily.

Well, Indian moms are rather too cocky when it comes to managing their kids, leave alone over protective. You are not entitled to live life on your terms until you start earning, may be not even then. We can’t completely blame her though, it is a practice that spans through generations. Today’s moms are way too smart to align themselves with changing trends because they are exposed to social media. There is a collateral damage of the same, when your mom has an account of social media, she will be fixated on the negatives of the same, especially those news about teenage drug addiction that cause her discomfiture. She will, hence take it upon herself to create a protective barrier around her own children so that they are not misled.

Your mom is your best friend, true but the best critic too. Once she is in social media, she will comb through your previous post to figure out what you have been up to lately and how many lies you have subjected her to. Keeping aside social media, she will use all her motherly wiles to stop you from mixing with the particular friend she doesn’t like. She will even walk the extra mile to protect you. How? appointing an Agent W for clock-and-dagger activities for keeping your image hygienic in the society. Again, we can’t judge her too much because Indian parents face a lot of judgments from the society as to how they raise their kids. So, there is a predominant societal pressure that keeps her going.

This Saheeba Chadhha, Rohan Shah and Aisha Ahmas starrer video is a appropriate take on what would happen if Indian moms turned spies. This video is so relatable that we feel if someone derived instances from our lives. Enjoy the video because we too had or share of titters watching this.

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