Laws of the Indian Constitution That Will Make You Go ‘œWhat!!????’

Weird Indian laws – Where some laws give individuals the much-needed sense of comfort and security, a few laws are so obscure that they are not only questionable, but also laughable.

We humans, irrespective of our country’s origin, are governed by law.

“Rule of law”, as it is often referred to, serves the purpose of protecting people’s rights regardless of which economy class they represent. Where some laws give individuals the much-needed sense of comfort and security, a few laws are so obscure that they are not only questionable, but also laughable.

Browse through this list to get an insight into some of the most brainless laws in India –

The Law Surrounding Legal Drinking Age 

So, is the legal drinking age in India 21 years or 25 years? Well, where most states legalise drinking age as 21, some states including Maharashtra and Delhi have “set the bar” at 25.



LGBT and Adulterers Law 

The downside behind adultery law in India is that only men are penalised, if guilty; women are free to walk-off even if they cheat on their male companions. The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) law bars any form of intercourse that might be perceived as against the law of nature.



Laws for Pilots 

Do your legs measure 90cms in length? If yes then you are qualified to become an Indian Air Force pilot. If the measurement is more than the required proportion, find yourself another career.


Internet Censorship (Proposed Idea) 

So, explain us how one can remove derogatory images from the world of Internet? This idea was proposed by Kapil Sibal, who even spoke with the Indian government personally to remove the images in case Facebook and other social media platforms failed to comply with it.



Suicide Attempt Law 

In India, suicide is legal, but attempting it is not. The person surviving a suicide attempt is arrested followed by subsequent penalisation.



Election Constituencies 

It is true and a rather unfortunate fact that a political candidate can contest election from two different constituencies, but a voter can vote only from a single constituency.



The Ministry of Finance Candidacy 

In order to be eligible for job in a bank in India, a person needs to possess the minimum qualification as graduate. On the other hand, an uneducated politician can contest for the post of Finance Minister.



Armed Forces Act 

This one-of-a-kind law permits commissioned officers to kill “insurgents” in order to maintain a civilised environment. This decree practically equals assassination; how can a country like India call itself democratic by having a law as this in its constitution?



Domestic Violence Law 

The measures taken by the Indian Constitution to protect women from domestic violence are commendable indeed, but this law unfortunately promotes inequality against men.




This list would not be complete without the mention of reservation in India. Although we do not totally condemn the concept of reservation, we do believe that the law has often been misused by people for personal gain.



Being a modifiable statute, the Indian Constitution has bore the brunt of as many as 98 amendments till date. The above mentioned laws are just some of the many useless ones that could be swapped by a diktat that would make the country a better place.

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