Here’s Proof That Vijay Mallya Impersonates Richard Branson

Comparing Richard Branson and Vijay Mallya does not make sense, for they do have a few similarities.

But looking at the facts (…and considering that Mallya is five years junior to Branson), who is to say that the Indian businessman has on several occasions not copied the entrepreneur from England.

Based on appearance and lifestyle, to name a few, it is pretty evident that Vijay Mallya has imitated Richard Branson on numerous occasions. Where Mallya is the chairman of UB Group, Branson formed the Virgin Group.

Here are a few areas where we believe Vijay Mallya would have blatantly copied his business counterpart Richard Branson –


Richard Branson and Vijay Mally sported similar look for some time

Richard Branson and Vijay Mally sported similar look for some time

Richard Branson usually sports long hair. Vijay Mallya, on the other hand, prefers the traditional businessman look of short, neat cut hair. However, Mallya also tried his hands at long hair and sported a goatee similar to Branson. This uncanny resemblance cannot go unnoticed.


Virgin Atlantic Airways was formed by Branson in 1984, whereas Mallya established Kingfisher Airlines in 2005. Mallya was already making a fortune selling Kingfisher beer, a brand that came to life in 1978. Mallya venturing into the airlines business could well be an inspiration from Branson.


Virgin Airlines – Kingfisher Airlines


Cabin Crew Uniform

The uniform that Mallya chose for his Kingfisher Airlines cabin crew totally resembles the ones that the Virgin Atlantic Airways’ cabin crew wears. Women at both airlines wear white shirt complimented by red jacket and skirt.

Virgin Crew - Kingfisher Crew

Virgin Crew – Kingfisher Crew



In the 1980’s, Branson used his very own yacht Virgin Atlantic Challenger to break several sea records, leading to the boat getting capsized. He later invested in Virgin Atlantic Challenger II, which he has to this day. Mallya owns a yacht named Indian Empress, which he bought after 2000.

Virgin Atlantic Challenger II  - Indian Impress

Virgin Atlantic Challenger II – Indian Impress


Interest in Motor

Branson is renowned for having vested interest in owning vintage vehicles. His counterpart Mallya, too, shares similar interest, as he introduced Force India in F1 sports in the 2008 season. Branson too made entry into Formula One with his own team, but in season 2010.

Car Racing

Car Racing

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