Tall People Troubles ‘“ Being The Yao Ming Of The Group Is Not Much Fun

Are you the tall one in your group? Here, I highlight the troubles that tall people often face.

Are you the tall one in your group? Although I cannot personally connect through your emotions, I have seen a fair share of jokes cracked at the expense of the tall ones in my group. (I admit to cracking a few jokes, too…wink, wink.)

Nevertheless, I understand that I would have faced some inconveniences had I been more than 6 feet tall as well.

I have seen my tall friends in the group take the ‘tall jokes’ within their stride and us, the short and average ones, appreciate the effort.

Here, I highlight the troubles that tall people often face.

The Hugs and High-Five’s Are Awkward

The next time someone makes up a tall joke at your expense, ask them for a high-five and when they cannot reach, laugh out loud. A nice way to shut them up for a while, don’t you think? Nevertheless, the hugs often become awkward, as you have no idea where your hands would end up. (This is serious, folks.)

Grabbing Stuff at Height

I remember visiting a library on 1st April, where its staff created a section especially for their tall customers as a joke. The sector was titled “Books for Tall People” and the books were kept at an elevated height. I am sure people ask you to grab stuffs that are beyond their reach. Does it become annoying after a while?

Small Beds

Honestly, if I were in your shoes (they wouldn’t fit me….ha ha got you!). Okay. If I were in your shoes, I could not withstand the sorrow of having to sleep in a bed that is way too small for my body. But again, that’s one of the prices tall people pay. Talking of prices, you can get a bed customised to fit your size, but be wary about the expenses.

Being Hated at Concerts

Are you one of those tall persons, who love attending concerts and occupying the front row seat? Don’t people hate you for that? You could definitely hear murmurs from people standing behind you complaining about your height.

Foreign Cars Are Not for You

Watching you fit inside a foreign car is an experience for your friends. Be prepared to find a related video on YouTube and other video-sharing websites wherein you look like a giant trying to fit inside a normal-sized car. Well, it’s not your fault; foreign cars are for small people anyway.

Finding Your Face in the Mirror is Impossible

Crouching in front of the mirror just to get your hair done can be frustrating. Nonetheless, that is the case and whenever you stand in front of the mirror, all you can see is your headless body.

Long Sleeves Troubles

The clothes you pick out never seem to justify your overall appearance. As one of the tall person’s, you need longer sleeves in your clothes. Every single time, you have to alter the length of your sleeves to get the right size. The same applies for pants.

A Beacon in the Crowd

While being in a crowded place, has any of your friend ever asked you to just look for another individual from your group? How does it feel to be the beacon for the crowd?

Being tall has its share of positives as well, as you can try out modelling or an active sport (two other tall stereotypes).

At the end of the day, it all depends on how you take people’s judgement about you and proceed with your day’s tasks.

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