7 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind When Your Hairline Recedes

Hair thinning is just the beginning as the situation leads you to receding hairline. During this time, certain weird thoughts come across your mind.

Receding hairline is never good news – for both men and women.

It is just the starting phase of your hair thinning and once this occurs, there’s no looking back. People, who have experienced the same, are known to have their life turned upside down.

During this phase, you will be nervous and yes, there will be thoughts that would be outright hilarious and will leave you in splits, once you are over your anxiety.


“Am I going bald?”


Yes. Gradually you are gonna!


“Maybe I should stop combing”


Not required, but if you feel the need to do so, please feel free.


“Is my hair gel the main cause?”


If you apply hair gel excessively, yes.


“Am I eating right?”


No, you are not.


“I will not wash my hair for a week”


Oh boy. This is just a recipe for disaster.


“I need to sleep more”


 Yes. You do.


“Whoa! I look like Jason Statham”


Please don’t insult Jason Statham.

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