21 Things We All Find Too Awkward To Accept


We, human beings, are a wonderful lot. No matter how carefree we are while expressing our thoughts, there are things that we find too awkward to divulge.

Maybe reacting in a certain way or making similar observations is in our nature. Well, why dwell on the reasons while we can enjoy agreeing to some traits, things we all do but never admit, that we all share irrespective of caste, creed or sex.

So, here’s a shagun of ikkees (21) antics that’ll make you giggle at yourself, and also gratified for not being the only one doing so!

  1. Looking lost, in deep thoughts, while the only thing in your mind is ‘what to eat for lunch’; so, what are you gonna have today?
  2. Cancelling plans saying you are busy while the truth is you’d rather laze around; so much just for some ‘me’ time!
  3. Scanning around at 360 degree in a public place to ensure that the nearest person is far enough to not hear you fart, and then letting go :p ; God forbid your scanning is faulty!
  4. Rushing to restrooms just to pick your nose; it is like nature’s call… when you have to, you better do!
  5. Looking in the mirror and enacting a song, a dialogue, or trying some weird expression; filmo ne hi bigada hai humein. 😛
  6. Repeating the same undergarments consecutively; eww! That’s plain unhygienic. Disgusting people are we!
  7. Acting naïve to avoid awkward moments; so, why have you not replied to that email from five days ago? Simple… you were too busy to go through all the emails, so maybe you skipped it!
  8. Creating conversations in your head; they’d say that, so I’ll clearly tell them this… only if real-time conversations were so simple and precise!
  9. Binging on fast food, cold drinks, chips, etc. in the comfort of your own company; Dear large pizza and coke, I am alone, so you two are no more.
  10. Staying in minimal clothes while alone in house; the bliss we seldom enjoy. And just a doorbell is all that’ll hamper this luxury.
  11. Controlling your breath to hold your stomach in to look thinner; the moment an attractive person passes by, our tummy instantly tries to hide the tires.
  12. Checking out social media’s and messaging app’s statuses and profiles of people; the discussions that follow with our besties are worth the effort.
  13. Peeing while taking bath; well, it’s the affect of water, maybe!
  14. Acting you missed out seeing someone while you deliberately avoided them; the moment we see a not-so-interesting acquaintance, we are on too-busy-in-phone-to-notice mode.
  15. Nodding and smiling to someone’s rants while you don’t give a damn about what they’re saying; thinking you deserve the national nuisance award
  16. Spitting while talking; shit happens, the people, conversing with you, who act like they didn’t notice are God sent.
  17. Crying or feeling pumped up after watching videos online; happens all the time, bro!
  18. Typing long posts on facebook. And not posting them; it’s okay to show your emotions or is it?
  19. Jumping a bit off your seat while watching climaxes in horror movies; it’s like they’ll kills us, so we just can’t help it!
  20. Being scared of breaking social conventions; no matter how good we think our idea is, we’ll never go ahead with it lest we should become laughing stock!
  21. Daydreaming about your perfect future scenarios; as they say, if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Well, it definitely is a respite of a kind to know that we are not alone indulging in these (some silly, some illogical, some habitual and some inadvertent but all spot on) activities.

Had a good time reading? Go ahead and share it, for sharing a few laughs with friends is one of the best things to admit.

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