Being Impatient – Struggles Faced When Patience Is Not A Virtue For You

How to be patient – where many people believe in the concept of “Patience is a Virtue”, others do not take it to heart. Thanks to their impatient nature, they face numerous struggles in life.

“Patience is a virtue” goes an old proverbial phrase. As true its meaning might be, not all people devotedly practice it.

If you are an impatient person, you will find yourself in situations forcing you to lose your composure, for no reason at all, to the others. Of course, you would have a valid reason.

The impatient ones are seen running helter skelter most of the time.

In case you belong to this category, below mentioned are scenarios you will truly relate to –

Waiting in a queue is not your strongest suit. The payment counter at the supermarket or the ticket counter at the movie theatre are the places you hate.



You are also not a big fan of traffic jams. Constantly staring at the watch and yelling at other people are some of your many annoying behaviours in such a situation.



Waiting for a chat reply that takes forever is annoying. “Reply! Reply! Hey, you were just online. What the hell!”



You never go to restaurants that have poor service. If you receive an order late, you immediately ask the waiter for justification.



You dislike airports, bus stations and train stations. Waiting for a vehicle to take you from your source to the destination is so not worth your time.



Ads and the national anthem they play in theatres are a waste of your time. You would rather attend the movie hall when the starting credits start rolling.



If you are a TV series buff, you find it frustrating to wait a year for the next season to resume when the current season of your favourite show comes to an end.



You are of the opinion that people, who walk show, should not take up the streets in the first place.



If you share a room, you find it convenient to dress before your roommate rather than wait for them to finish first.



Slow Internet connection is something you despise the most.



You hope to never come across a situation wherein you have to contact the customer support people for assistance. Their lengthy process, just to speak to one person for one minute, is maddening.



During a get together, you are always punctual, but then you have to wait for another hour or so for the other companions to arrive.



You own the title of “Master of Shortcuts” as you can get things done without wasting anybody’s time.


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