The Truth No Sanitary Napkin Advertisements Will Ever Tell You


Every time we turn the television on, we are bound to stumble upon the occasional feminine hygiene products advertisement, with a girl usually prancing around in white pants doing things most women probably don’t do on normal days let alone during that time of the month.

Well, time for a reality check.

MOST sisters out there don’t want to step out of the house around that time, let alone wear a white skirt and play tennis.

Here are some hilarious Expectation Vs. Reality situations that most women have definitely gone through.

The First Morning

EXPECTATION: You’re going to wake up fresh faced and well rested in your pristine white pajamas, looking like a goddess


REALITY: You wake up from a terrible night of tossing and turning to the horror of blood covered sheets



At Work

EXPECTATION: You’re going to be a corporate wizard! Everyone is going to come to you for advice and ask your help to solve their problems.


REALITY: You’re going to a hot mess and all you will want to do is go home and drink some wine or eat some ice cream or chocolate



Playing Sports/Exercising

EXPECTATION: You’re going to the Gym and get in your daily workout and feel refreshed healthy.


REALITY: Haha you’re kidding right? Gym? You will probably get in your sweats and nap for the rest of the day.anigif_enhanced-buzz-29807-1409017135-4


Wearing Clothes

EXPECTATION: You’re going to wear anything you feel like white or black! Form fitted or loose!


REALITY: You’re going to wear only dark colours because what if you stain! And form fitted clothes when you are feeling that bloated! NOOOOOOOOO.


Tell Us how you felt! Have you experienced any of these realities before?


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