Talking To A Gentleman, Are We?

We help you find if the guy you’re talking to is a gentleman. Read on.

As a child, we all have been taught to appear and behave gentle- manly (and womanly).

With every passing day, the feminine specie is finding it harder to find the type of man whom they can term as ‘a gentleman’. We help you find if the guy you’re talking to is a gentleman. Read on.

  1. A gentleman, young or old, would never burp loudly, and even if he does he’d say ‘Excuse me’ after that. No, I am not enlightening you on the etiquettes, but is that not what this thing is all about?
  2. A gentleman would not scratch various parts of his body(intentionally or unintentionally), while in a conversation, to make the other person uncomfortable.
  3. A gentleman would not dig into his nose and experiment with the matter while talking to someone else or in public.
  4. If a man is leaning against a wall, on a very busy street, looking at every passer by, man or woman, he is not even close to a gentle man.
  5. When talking to a woman, a gentleman, would always look in the eyes and not all around, the surroundings or the woman herself.
  6. While walking on a street with a lady, a gentleman would walk on the outside always.
  7. Now I am not sure, if this works with all of you (not with me, for sure), but a gentleman would always open the car doors for you, or pull out a chair, if you guys are in a restaurant or a place similar.
  8. Lastly, while on a date, a gentleman would never expect you to pay for the bill. Not even, ‘Dutching’, unless you guys had decided to talk something out, and it’s not a date-Date.

See for yourself if you can identify these traits while thinking about your guy. Good luck!

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