Hasee Toh Phasee Review: Parineeti Keeps You Hooked Up!

This movie has many chinks in its armor, but despite that I ended up savoring most of the scenes, guffawing at Parineeti’s funny ‘˜nerd-face’ expressions.

This movie has many chinks in its armor, but despite that I ended up savoring most of the scenes, guffawing at Parineeti’s funny ‘nerd-face’ expressions. While Sidharth Malhotra gives you some great ‘eye-candy’ time, Pari gives an absolute ‘paisa-wasool’ performance. Honestly there were hardly any dull moments, neither were there any heavy-duty scenes that would make you feel guilty about glancing at your mobile phone every once in a while, missing certain bits and parts. The light and subtle humour definitely works with me.

Sidharth chances upon Pari at a wedding reception where he finds her making all the preparations to make her way out of the venue, by jumping off the barbed wired wall. Her shirt gets stuck to the spiky wire and Mr Malhotra comes to the rescue, helping this half geek-half tomboy chick make her grand escape. Just a 5 min interaction and turns out that the two have some ‘sparkling’ connection. He escorts her to the auto-rickshaw, and she without wasting much time asks him if he wants to join her till Goa. He declines, she moves ahead.

The ‘driven by logic’ Pari meets the emotional fool Sidh after straight seven years, but this time in an extremely odd situation. Sidh is all set to marry a hottie – played by Adah Sharma. The two somehow manage to stay in a fluctuating relationship for seven years; while Adah keeps breaking up, Sidh is one of those who thinks only an animal keeps flitting from one partner to other, hence he sticks around, handling his babe’s tantrums, trying to woo her, keeping a special tab on her happiness rather than his. And in this journey of adjustment and romance, he also tries to raise an event management business to impress his gal, when he clearly wants to become an IPS officer.

The twist in the tale starts untwisting itself when Sidh discovers that Pari is Ada’s real sister. He has been given the task to take care of her needs, and just when he starts getting a hang of the Chopra chick’s weird antics, he finds out that the night they had met for the first time, Pari was actually fleeing after stealing a huge amount of money from her own house, which she needed for one of her ‘dorky projects’. The family doesn’t forgive her after she vanishes into thin air to quench her thirst for more knowledge. In fact they think she’s some sort of a drug addict.

She goes off to China, completes her Ph.D, lands in a cauldron of thick soup and comes back only to steal money again…

From speaking Mandarin to being a sucker for anti-depressants, Pari makes her way into Sidh’s heart in just 7 days. What trails behind is a series of madness these two quirky characters indulge in.

A simple story laced with some interesting dialogues and feel-good songs. Hasee Toh Phasee is a good weekend watch. I totally recommend it, with some delicious popcorn and good company.

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