8 Struggles Of Being A Total Flirt

Being Good at flirting

Some people are good at flirting, whereas many people suck at it and become the butt of all jokes once their attempt fails.

Now there is no doubt that being good at flirting appears to be an asset. The individual can impress anyone at the snap of their fingers.

However, there are certain downsides to it as well. These are so-called repercussions that the person has to face for being good at their own game.

Here we take a look at struggles people face when they flirt all too well –


They tend to flirt with everyone and anyone. It’s a no-brainer. Flirting comes to them naturally and regardless of a person’s age or gender they cannot control the one thing that they are good at.

flirt with everyone

They flirt with everyone


Being too good at something has its share of downsides. The person becomes a social mockery when they flirt with everyone. Derogatory terms like ‘bastard’ or ‘slut’ gets attached to them, depending on their gender.

derogatory terms

They are often called by use of derogatory terms


Whenever they approach a group, it sends everyone looking for hiding space because they know that the person will come up with a lame pickup line to hit on one of the members of the group.

running as group

Groups dislike hanging out with them


Everyone understands their reference and it becomes annoying after some time.

understand reference

Their reference needs no explanation


Just to keep the person entertained, people play along with the ‘gig’. They are not interested in it whatsoever and just cannot wait for the person to leave.

fake laugh

People express fake emotion to keep the flirt entertained


They are usually ignored on social media websites like Facebook, too. Whenever a person finds themselves at the risk of being hit on, they either leave Facebook or turn off their chat box.

ignored on social media

People ignore them totally on social media


All their ‘friends’ seem to have lost or deleted their phone number by mistake. They have to give their number again and the entire scenario goes full circle till the flirt understands comprehends to the situation.

delete phone number

People delete their phone number intentionally


They never find a steady date. Being in a long-term relationship is not possible for them, for no self-respected person would want to spend their life with them.

always alone

Finding a steady date becomes difficult

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