7 Small Practical Things That Enrage the Hulk inside You

Things That Enrage Us – No matter how calm a person you are most of the time, there are instances that make you say, ‘œCalm down, calm down’.

No matter how calm a person you are most of the time, there are instances that make you go, “Calm down, calm down”.

You further perform a couple of breathing exercises that bring you back on track and your blood pressure to the normal rate.

These things or behaviours are rather small ones and not what one would call ‘a big deal’.

Let me get one thing straight; getting angry in these situations do not make anyone a short-tempered person. These situations are the ones that bring short outbursts out of you time and again.

The Unprepared


This can be relevant in different stages of life. In school and college, you have team projects to submit, whereas on the corporate front, you have PPT presentations to submit time and again. When you work as a team, you designate the tasks among the team members and expect everyone to come prepared. However, there is always one member, who is unprepared further leading to complications.

The Peepers


You often meet this bunch of people while commuting either in a train or a bus. You are minding your business – reading an article piece on your phone or watching a movie – when the person standing behind you leans forward to get a look into it. Oh just piss off, mate!

Late Latif


These people are never punctual. Be it a business meet or a college project, you can never expect these them to be on time. You know that they won’t make it in time, forcing you to arrange for backups.

Inside the Lift


There are two kinds of people you will meet inside a lift and what’s unfortunate about them is that they always get away with their ‘act of transgression’. The first ones are the people who fart in the lift; they know they have done it and so does everyone around. But hey, you can’t ask them to hold their fart. The second lot is the one that presses the same lift button just after you did. Is this an OCD of some kind, I can never tell, but it is plain annoying.

The ‘K’ Responders


I swear I could live with not having these people in my life. I mean, have you ever sent someone a long text message and received a response that just reads ‘K’? This one annoys me to extreme lengths. If I were Bruce Banner, I would go green with rage, transform into The Hulk and ‘Smash!’ my phone shamelessly. Good riddance!

Updates on Computer


Remember those instances of computer updates constantly popping up while you worked on an important project? This dialog box usually comprises a message along with two options “Restart Now” and “Restart Later”. Even when you select the latter, the same dialog box appears within ten minutes.

Text Messaging during Conversation


Conversations are important, as they help in exchange of ideas. This is when you maintain eye contact with the people, and the lack of it personally annoys me. Anger erupts, Bruce Banner turns into The Hulk again, only this time instead of my phone, it is your phone that’s gonna get smashed.

Again, behaving irrationally at times is human nature. The way you channel your anger is what speaks highly or lowly about you.

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