Is Being Single in a Couples’ Group Bad? You Decide

When you are part of a group where everyone except you is single, the situation, at times, tends to get the best of you.

Being in a relationship and being single have their share of pros and cons.

In the latter scenario, where some individuals struggle with their life, others accept singlehood as their fate and decide to move on.

Nevertheless, when you are part of a group where everyone except you is single, it is an entirely different situation. On such instances, you are bound to come across the below mentioned experiences –

In case your friends are bad date planners, the entire responsibility of planning a date and buying gifts rests on your shoulders. You care about them and perform your role as required. The sad part here though is that they get the credit for the gifts and receive one in return, with you getting nothing.

Without a doubt, you would like to spend some alone time with your friends. However, with them being in a committed relationship, the chances of just the friends meeting become slim. This is where you are required to be proactive and know their respective schedules to initiate one-on-one plans.

Let’s agree that somehow you manage to reserve a date wherein you and your friends, sans their partners, agree to meet. However, last-minute inclusions occur wherein they decide to bring their significant other. This can be extremely frustrating.

Your friends often speak to you about their relationship struggles. Being the only single in the group, this scenario does not automatically shape up for you to have a prolonged conversation. As soon as you come across an opportune moment, you change the topic of discussion by talking about the new pizza place you visited.

If this was not enough, they even come to you for relationship advice. Yes. They approach you, the only single in the group, for relationship advice! You certainly do not want to fend them off, which is why you provide your insights. This is where you explain something you have no idea about and hear yourself blabbering without a comma or a full-stop.

You will also have to bear the burden of witnessing your friends and their respective better-halves call each other nicknames like baby, sugar lips, pumpkin…and whatnot. Although it will be awkward (yes, it will be), but you will have to pretend to be comfortable with it.

In addition to nicknames, you will also have to pretend that you have no qualms about your their PDA. “Please carry on with your making out session. I will be here invisible, just like I have been since morning.”

Since you are the only single in the group, your friends try to set you up with one of their single friends. Maybe there is a double date or a quadruple date in the future, depending on the number of couples you have in your group.

Being the only single person in a couples’ group does suck for obvious reasons. However, you can rid all your singlehood woes by accepting it as your luck (be it for the time being).

But again, every individual has their own perception. Feel free to share us how you feel about this scenario.

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