#SkinnyPeopleTroubles – Questions That Healthy People Often Ask Skinny People

Problems of skinny people – Regardless of whether you are skinny or a healthy person, there are stereotypes to complement every body type. These remarks may come your way if you are a skinny person.

Regardless of whether you are a skinny individual or a healthy person, there are stereotypes to complement every body type.

I have always been referred to as skinny and an underweight.

I have also heard most stereotypical phrases that people use for the ‘emaciated’ population.

Here are a few questions and remarks that are bound to be thrown at you by the ‘healthy’ people.

“You Don’t Look Your Age.”


Well, thank you. I take it as a compliment. You also look…well, uhmm…your age. It is one of the ‘qualities’ that skinny people carry, as they never look their age, but about a couple of years younger or maybe even young by five years.

“Are Your Pants Custom-Made?”


This is usually people’s indirect way of poking fun at your skinny body. One of the troubles that skinny people often face is the trouble of choosing the right clothing. More often than not, they manage in finding pants that fit their waist, but are short in length.



This is one of the funniest, yet one of the most insulting remarks someone can throw at you. Being skinny does not necessarily mean that the person is anorexic. This is blatant ignorance on people’s part and evidently an uneducated comment.

“I Wish I Were Thin Like You.”


Ah self-pity. If only I had a nickel for every time someone said this to me. If you want to lose weight, you might want to control your calorie consumption.

“Don’t Blow Away”


Haha…sarcastically is my usual reaction, when someone says this to me. It is then followed by a silent “dirt bag”.

“You Should Be Athletically Good.”


Sure, I can chase a bus and maybe run after a slow moving train. Hey, I have even spent quite some time running from bullies. That does not mean I am athletically fit; please don’t not challenge me for a race.

“Women Don’t Like Skinny Men.”


This might be true to some extent, but we do know that some women like skinny men and that keeps our hopes alive.

Regardless of what the world thinks, we do not usually sweat on subjects related to skinny body. We rather feel proud as we do not have to face the woes faced by overweight people or the ones who strive hard to lose weight and prefer moving on.

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