Nearing 25? These are the Various Changes You Will Witness in Your Personality

Personality changes at 25 – Reaching the first quarter of your life does call for a celebration. Nevertheless, your life’s transition comprises mixed emotions.

Reaching the first quarter of your life does call for a celebration.

It is the phase when you have a fixed batch of friends, a balanced office life and maybe a steady relationship.

Nevertheless, your life’s transition from being a college graduate to a corporate employee comprises mixed emotions.

Let us discuss the situations that people call the “quarter-life crisis”.

Talking about transition, the foremost change appears in the way you present yourself. You think about doing something to your hair temporarily (…or maybe permanently). You either go ‘chop-chop’ on your hair or add extensions. You choose a profile that would make you look your age – not a year more or less.

One of our favourite pastimes is to research about celebrities, existing and upcoming. Imagine going through a similar task one morning when you realise that the most popular celebrity is younger than you. Wouldn’t this just ruin your entire day? But hey, c’est la vie.

Partying is still a part of your life, but you do comprehend with the fact that the spark you had has now diminished. You begin to reminisce the good ol’ days and comparing those two parts makes you feel conflicted.

Reaching 25 years is also the time when you seriously consider your dressing sense. All the clothes that make you look more than your actual age get thrown out of the closet and you bring in a new batch that makes you say, “I am ready to live my life.”

You also find yourself conflicted in deciding whether you want to celebrate the remainder of your youth days or take better care of yourself. In the end, you finish off by experiencing both these worlds, which gives you the contentment of having spent your time well.

You are very well aware that you cannot give each friend of yours time from your everyday schedule. Hence, you begin downsizing your friend group and eliminate the ones you believe are not as close as the others.

If you have been working for quite some time now, you seriously consider emptying your bank account and spend it on a vacation. This retreat is the one you describe as the one that will help you “find yourself”.

When you are loaded with work – big or small – finishing tasks gives you a weird sense accomplishment. Be the work related to office, weight gain/loss accomplishments or home-related errands, bringing them to an end gives you a great deal of satisfaction.

The arrival of your 25th birthday is when you actually realise that you are entering the adult’s community; your childhood days come to an end. Although the thought may be a tad terrifying, there is no harm in keeping the child inside you alive.

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