Horrible Boss Troubles – When You Are Victimised By Poor Leadership

Victim of poor leadership – Working in an office under an incompetent boss can be a nightmare. You not only suffer from corporate success, but personal life takes a toll, too.

Are you aware of the National Boss Day being prevalent in many countries? (Thank You, United States!)

This day is celebrated regardless of the fact that many bosses are incompetent and possess no leadership skills whatsoever. Having to celebrate one such day might anger you, and we know the frustrations that employees have or the grudges they hold against their respective bosses.

Here’s me adding salt to injury – do you know that India has jumped on the bandwagon, too? Yes. Just like any other country, India celebrates October 16 every year or any day close to it as a secular holiday.

Where some people might relish this day for having the best boss, the unhappy ones frown upon the idea.

Let us focus on the latter case and highlight the signs that you might have a dreadful boss.

I’m sure you must have read the slogan at shops that go “the customer is always right”. This particular motto is applicable to bosses as well. Your boss is always right. Mean bosses do not go out of their way to make their employee feel easy. Instead, after a discussion, you will find yourself at fault and guilty while at it.


If you do not resemble your boss’ personality, chances are high that you might land in their bad books. An incompetent boss will scrutinise you in every way possible, and to test your capability, he/she will burden you with work.


Have you ever found yourself working on a weekend when rest of the staff is enjoying with their family? Well, your boss hates you! To add insult to injury, you do not get extra allowance for your time or effort.


Bosses, who are stubborn, often refuse to hear their employees’ opinion on topics of discussion. At the end of a meeting, you might find yourself wondering thinking, “what was the point of that meeting when all the suggestions and decisions came from your boss?”


Praise in public, criticise in person” is a common corporate proverb. A bad boss never follows this norm and blasts every faulty employee in the presence of the staff. Hey, what can you do?!


Time and again, you might find other employees getting promoted while you stick to your routine desk job. This implies that your boss clearly has favourites. Time for some buttering, I would say.


If you have a clear idea about your boss’ animosity towards you, you will face a hard time getting out of your bed every single morning. Having a boss, who dreads their employee so much is never good.


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