Here is What Happens in A Girls’ Hostel in The Midnight

Those, who read stories and anecdotes of Indian partition, are not alien to the fact India and Pakistan chose each other’s women to vent their ire on each other. The women were abducted, their modesty was outraged and when the government intervened, they were returned to their previous ‘owners’ aka husbands or fathers. Arguably, that was a politically incorrect means to disrepute each other but satiated the bloated male ego. Is that still validated in today’s society? that method? I mean, associating a whole society’s Izzat with a woman’s body? I guess, the situation still persists. A society is judged by how Sanskari  its women are. Sanskari enough to let anyone else sabotage their freedom citing the loss of respect. Freedom is the right everybody is entitled to, but when you look around, you will see girls still have to fight for things that boys get as a piece of cake.

Now, those were heavyweight lines that I have jotted down to review this simple and hard-hitting video from Girliyappa Orginals. This video is obviously made in a lighthearted spirit bordering on humor but delivers a power-packed message. We girls still fight for our freedom even if we don’t misuse it. This video completely tugs at our heartstrings, want to know why? this is a beguiling take on how we spent our hostel days. Hostels are home away from home where we made friends, soul-sisters, frenemies and enemies. The oddities and merriments of hostel life together will forever gleam up our memories.

We are all adventure junkies deep down our skin. These girls from the videos too are barring they are under the watch of a conceited warden. In the villainous role, however is the in-time of the hostel which ends in 8:00 pm and you will face banishment on violating that. The warden, who feasts on Rajma-chawal every Saturday night, hums Ankh Mare, terrorizes the girls with her Danda and changes guards at the drop of hat, faces a rebellious lot of girls who have their plans lined up in the night. Of course, the time they want to be out is well past 8:00 pm and hence they ready their blueprint to sedate the guard and fool the warden for stealing the master key to the main gate. After a series of events, when a few of them manage to make their way out, all hell break lose when the warden senses something amiss. On chasing the master planner with a Danda and finally circumventing her, the warden is returned with a speech that shook us. Like really, why so much pressure ride on us to represent the izzat of a rather dysfunctional society? Rightfully, as the girl has put it, there is a father of nation but no mother of nation because, perhaps Sarojini Naidu has to stick to her hostel timings!

The video starring Srishti Srivastava, Parul Gulati, Simran Natekar and Ahsan Channa is the third episode of Girliyappa Orginals. We really had our funny bones tickled. May be you should watch too.


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