Ten Insane Super Funny Toddler Tantrums Which Will Make You ROFL With Laughter

funny toddler tantrums

Funny toddler tantrums – Having little kids around is always fun filled and joyous. It is always a lovable sight to see the kids learn a great deal from the world. And there could be just no one who doesn’t like kids. In fact, we all love.

Throwing a great deal of tantrums to their parents, is one issue all parents struggle, Kids leave no chance to embarrass you in public while you are out for shopping dinner or movie toddler tantrums never end. And I am sure many of those who all are reading this already started relating it to their kid’s tantrums.

Here we have a set of some hilarious and insane funny toddler tantrums that will leave you ROFL with a great laughter.

Funny toddler tantrums –

1 – ‘Because she wanted an egg to be squared-shaped’.

Maybe now am supposed to create egg that are in her favorite square shape.

2 – ‘He said he wanted to ride on Tim -our pet dog. And I said it’s impossible’.

How can he really wish to ride on your dearest pup.

3 – ‘He started crying just because this baby sister started to smile at him.’

Feel’s happy that she started liking you, little boy.

4 – Because dog ate biscuit! He only hand feeded dog!

He chuck a tantrum because dog ate biscuit he offered!

5 – ‘I asked him to wash his hands after play.’

I asked him to be clean and that seems to sound like a fault of mine to this kid.

6 – ‘He says the chocolate melts in his mouth as he chewed it.’

Obliviously it will!

7 – ‘Just because her brother was at the table to dine along.’

I feel this is ridiculous and selfish act of Ria.

8 – ‘Because the waves in the beach never stopped for her.’

Dear Cristy, Time and tide waits for none. Dint your teacher teach this?

9 – ‘He wanted to drive back home and I didn’t let him do that.’

He is not even two, he chucked a tantrum and cried for 1 hour embarrassed me publicly!

10 – Because she wanted to have a tattoo!

She is only 2 and she cried loud in mall when we didn’t allow her to get tattoo, all eyes on us as if we are monster parents!

These are some hilarious and insane set of funny toddler tantrums, which I am sure have left you ROFL. Am sure many of you could actually relate please comment on what your kids throw tantrum at!

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