Calling In Sick At Office Avoid These Excuses

Excuses to calling in sick

Excuses to calling in sick – Employees working ridiculous hours at office are often desperate for leaves.

In the spur of the moment, they send make up excuses that do not make much sense.

I am no senior authority at an organisation; but if I would get one such excuse, my head would definitely spin before I comprehend to the message.

Read the below mentioned instances and try to refrain from using such Excuses to calling in sick at office.

Excuses to calling in sick –

Excuse #1

“My fish is sick.”

Pet excuses are one of the most common instances for employees to either report late at work or take the entire day off. Honestly, no boss cares about your pet being sick, be it a dog, a fish or a snake. Your boss knows it’s a lame excuse; so, be prepared to show a vet’s certificate when you report in the next day.

Excuse #2

“I’m having a bad hair day. A dye disaster has resulted in my hair turning blue.”

With the available technologies today, you can expect a response from your boss reading, “Send me the picture on WhatsApp.” Busted!!!

Excuse #3

“My trouser split while coming to work.”

This is one of the stupidest excuses used for calling in sick at work. Did you go back home all the way wearing a torn trouser? Or did you buy a new trouser and went back home, when you should have rather gone to work?

Excuse #4

“I drank Dettol by mistake and need to be admitted at the hospital urgently.”

Consuming Dettol does not require a person to get admitted to the hospital. Burning effects on tongue and lack of taste are often the side-effects of Dettol consumption and simply taking Prilosec can help in recuperation.

Excuse #5

“I drank too much booze last night and don’t know in which part of the city I am.”

People tend to take it over the top with this excuse and this does not sound funny (well, in a way it does). Nevertheless, it does reflect negatively about a person’s personality and generates an off-putting reputation in the boss’s books.

Unfortunately, once you have made up your mind to take the day off work, there is no looking back. If you do go to work, every task thereon looks enforced.

Excuses to calling in sick – In case your boss buys your excuse and gives you the day off, do not post pictures of you enjoying on Facebook.

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