These Are The Different Types of Hungry Girls

Hungry girls

Hungry girls – Hungry is a state of mind and when hunger pangs strike us, we tend to behave different than normal. Most people would get infuriated and be abrasive with their words, that could be the sign of hunger.

The other lot would go absolutely pensive when hungry and so on and so forth. Girls are tempestuous balls of emotions normally but when hungry, their entire behavior changes. The first one they would vent their ire at is their boyfriends to scare them out of their wits.

Dear men, don’t confuse yourselves, your girl is just hungry so order her the best pizza and she will be normal soon again. Still scratching your head? you may relate to one of these behavioral disorders of women when they are hungry because you face this a lot.

Things Hungry girls usually say when they are hungry:

I am always ignored:

Melancholy will suddenly wash over her and she will land the opinion that everyone is ignoring her including you. She will think that her life is not worth living at all and she deserves to die. Hear her ramble while ordering her something and slowly she will be normal again after the hunger is tamed.

She will shout on her subordinates:

Because next to you, they are the best one to unleash her wrath at when she is hungry. Girls usually become nitpicking when they are excruciatingly hungry and you are a fool if you take her seriously instead of taking her hunger seriously. Not she, her hunger needs attention then so order her something and let cut the poor interns a slack.

This is a fast food place so burger should come fast also:

They will fidget a lot after having ordered their food at the fast food joint. Even a small wait will look like forever to them and of course, the waiters will be prey to her anger during that passage of ordering and serving, however fast. Because ‘Fast food ka matlab hota hai fast ana’

She will grapple with many options:

Girls are born confused. They always run out of ideas and want someone else’s approval when it comes to their clothes, make-up, jewelry, or food. When hungry, their mind would oscillate between Biryani which is supposedly a heavier option and Chicken roll. After having spent some moments of confusion, they will end up ordering double chicken roll to seal the deal.

Hungry girls

Diet can go for a toss now:

Matar kulche, Butter Naan, Panipuri , Pizza, Dosa, Biriyani, Burger, bring it on! I am just hungry AF and diet can wait.

Hungry girls – Girls are sweet until hunger blows a fuse with them really. A hungry girl will be a treat to your sanity so whenever you see their hunger has reached the danger level, just order her food and run.

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