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Bank story

Bank story – Come the time and age when private sector banks are rising to popularity because as opposed to the public sector banks, they provide faster and more efficient service.

Their service is completely value for money and they are always at your beck and call. The assistance they provide with your money, alleviates the burden of your mind. On the other hand, public sector bank employees have some attitudinal error that make us go like, ‘wait, why?’.

You stand in long queues only to be admonished by them for whatever reasons.

Okay guys, you work a lot but we do too so that we come here to ensure our money is safe with you. The Bank story, In that light, we all are Musaddilals while doing rounds in the public sector banks.

The Bank story –

They are master of trial and errors:

They are in the forever vacation mode and looks vitamin deficient all the time. No matter if people will start buying lands in the Moon, they will be as tortoise like when using computers. Their computers too seem like they are still in their first generation and we get bored from yawning also. The only difference with them is they like the trial and error method without reaching a legit consequence.

You will probably need to sell your land to open an account with them:

Okay, so you don’t have a driving license to show them? take a car and make sure to have one. What did you say again? you don’t have a car? well, they will sell you the best car loans with kidney-claiming interests. Huh? you seriously don’t mean that you don’t have money to pay that interest, you have a land right? sell that, buy a car, get a driving licence, show it to them and ta da! your account will open. P.S: Don’t forget to consider them for the home loan.

Kit-Kat break banta hai:

They work with figures and their brains need rest. So, there will be unwritten recesses in banks such as pre-lunch break on 11 pm, post lunch break on 3 pm, tea break on 5 pm and then the bank closes. Mind this time table to visit them or forget your lunch, tea or snacks for the whole day.

Because ‘Chandni Chowk mei jute saste hai’:

Bank employees will stand you up on account of sharing the information of cheapest shoes or clothes available across the city and when you dare to intervene because you are probably running out of time, they will see through you. meh!

Dare you ask for a pen:

Make certain that you carry two pens in the bank because if you ask for a pen, they will look at you like you have just asked for a wife swap. Oh yes, the second pen would be for the other account holders who keep forgetting to carry their pens and always borrow. Give them the cheaper one because it will go rounds and not return.

This is a Bank story – Phew! that’s Sarkari banks for you guys.

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