Top 5 Amazing Moments Of 59th Filmfare Awards 2014

Hosted by Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, the award function did have its set of yawn inducing jokes and performances, but it also had some very cute and special moments which made me go all awww!

Hosted by Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, the award function did have its set of yawn inducing jokes and performances, but it also had some very cute and special moments which made me go all awww! Being an absolute movie buff, I was obviously agog with excitement, following everything that matters – from style details to those eager expressions just before the announcement of the winner. No denying, there were some major ‘dampening the enthusiasm’ moments. Karan Johar’s fumbling bit for instance, he had to get it all wrong while announcing the lifetime achievement award for veteran actor Tanuja. The articulate host fell flat on his face; thank God Farhan got on stage and helped KJo get a simple dialogue like ‘woh ek nayab kalakar thi’ right. Apart from this infuriating goof, there was Ranbir and PC’s hosting. They didn’t quite manage to tickle the funny bone with that whole ‘Bollywood in the future’ theme act.

But the saving grace was that there were some lovely moments, which is totally worth the mention…

Tanuja received an award from Amitabh Bachchan:

The moment it was announced that Tanuja won a lifetime achievement award, Kajol pressed her mother’s cheeks with sheer affection. Big B’s speech for the veteran actor was earnest. He also said that he will forever be grateful to her for agreeing to work with him at a point when he was a newcomer and she was an established star. It was a matter of pride for Kajol and Tanishaa; you could see it on their faces. The veteran star got a standing ovation from everyone who was present at the event. Sweet na?


Ranveer Singh’s dance performance: He’s an absolute live wire. He can transform a dull environment to a lively place with his energetic aura. He was seen doing a traditional Gujarati dance, adding his Ranveer-esque tadka to it of course. There was also a mini spoof in which two dancers appeared dressing up as SRK and Salman, and RS was seen trying to patch up the two, claiming that imagine if the two got together, the box office numbers would go through the roof…Sitting in the audience, Salman was seen softly giggling and taking it all in his stride. Ranveer’s act was the much needed break from the boring Ranbir-PC drama on stage.


Supriya Pathak recieved an award and Shahid Kapoor came running to hug her: Her performance as the fierce godmother gave me goosebumps. She was absolutely sinister, those scary kohl-rimmed eyes and her flawless thespian skills conveyed it all. What was really sweet was when she was being given the award, Shahid suddenly popped out of nowhere, gave her a big bear hug and left. The Kapoor kid, I must say, is quite a cutie!


Deepika gots a fan along on the stage: Ms Padukone received the award for the best actor (female). She was choked up and all, and declared like a die-hard fan girl that her family has always been avid Filmfare viewers. What I really liked is that she got a fan along, who she invited on stage. I haven’t seen any of the actors doing this before. That was a very cool gesture made by the very cool Ms Padukone. And you should have seen Ranveer’s expression this whole time; it’s so obvious he’s head over heels in ‘lurve’ with her…


Ranbir flirted with Rekha: The Kapoor kid held the veteran actor’s hand and wooed her with the famous ‘Tanhai’ dialogue from Silsila. The gorgeous Rekha played along like an absolute sport and made it look like a real intense romantic moment. Nice!


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