Baby Face Troubles ‘“ Annoyances Encountered as Elders

Baby faces look younger than their actual age, which might seem like a good characteristic. Well, not really.

Baby face is a term coined for people, whose looks make them appear extremely youthful and innocent.

They look younger than their actual age, which might seem like a good characteristic. Well, not really.

Browse through these woes faced by people belonging in this category.

A bar is considered one of the best hangout places, wherein you can unwind after a busy day, in the companionship of your friends. Baby faces come across the trouble of convincing the bouncer that they are of the legal drinking age – every time.

After passing this hurdle, they have to handle the overwhelming anxiety that takes over them while handing their ID to the bartender even though they know that it is legitimate.

Some of them even get their cheek(s) pulled, which people still think as one of the appropriate forms of greeting. At times, they experience this outside their social circle, as their co-workers practise this act, too.

Have you ever been mistaken as an intern in a professional environment? Non-baby faces often misconstrue baby faces for interns and put them in an uncomfortable position by requesting them to make copies of documents or asking them for coffee.

Baby-faced individuals also receive culture shock when others perceive them as a chap of the current generation. “Yes Sir, I am aware who Mahatma Gandhi was and I saw the 1982 film when it released.” Facepalm!

In order to fit well within the office environment, baby faces overcompensate their physical appearance. Over time, fellow employees may see these individuals sporting vintage jackets or hairstyles that date back to the 80’s.

Another issue encountered by baby faces is finding a date that is their own age. During the asking out stage, people do not take baby faces seriously. Would you be willing to show them your identification?

So, they succeed in finding a date; their next intention is to appear sexy. This never materialises and goes horribly wrong. “Sexy” is not the adjective used for most baby faces, as words like “adorable” and “cute” sum them up.

People with baby face are even compared to animated characters like the chipmunks from Alvin & the Chipmunks or Simba from The Lion King. They cannot facially express something without the others going “awww”.

These are just some of the many problems encountered by people with baby face. The positive out of this is that usually, they can pass for someone half their age. And even scientific research has shown these individuals living longer than non-baby faced people.

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