If You Ask These Questions To A Thin Person, You Will Definitely Get Punched In The Face

Thin person

Thin person – Thin people are tired of all the crap that comes their way, thanks to those who think thin people do not eat or always ‘dieting’.

Guess what! Slim and trim people have a great metabolism that helps them not out on weight. They can eat a horse and still be in shape. So stop asking the following questions to Thin person if you don’t want to get punched in the face.

Your parents don’t give you any food?
This is the lamest question ever. And one we are familiar with. It’s such a stupid question to even think of. Being thin or fat has got more to do with great genes than generous food servings. Thin people are blessed with some cool gene that helps them not out on weight. No need to involve the parents, bro.

Do you have an eating disorder?
Dear, human…I am eating quite a big lunch. Surely, I don’t have any eating disorders. It’s so annoying when strangers come up to you and ask you such ridiculous questions. Why can’t people accept it that some folks are naturally thin? And no, there’s nothing ‘lucky’ about it.

Boys like curves, you know?
Either you’re jealous or crazy. But mostly jealous. If boys like curves, good for them. But remember, nobody can body-shame you. You’re born the way you’re and you’re loving every bit of it. If somebody tells you this, punch them hard in the face. And tell them that boys love curves on the face too!

Where does all your food go?
The same place where your food goes. Duh. Why would you even ask this? This shouldn’t be a topic even in jest because it makes absolutely no sense. But do ask such a question so we can bitch-slap you in the face and show you where our food goes. Yeah, man.

Why don’t you drink protein shakes?
Because a) I am not weak b) Screw yourself. Yes, when people ask you take ‘supplements’, you want them bad. Real bad. You don’t ask them to join a gym or run ten miles a day, so they shouldn’t tell you such crap either. If you’re healthy, no need for any sort of supplement.

Thin person – It’s important to encourage positive body image in people because nobody has the right to comment on your figure and shape.

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