Ranbir Kapoor’s Bold Confession! He Was Never Serious About Becoming Deepika’s Saawariya!

Ranbir has always grabbed eyeballs with his revelations. From his parent’s relationships to his infidelity towards Deepika, he has not kept many secrets…

The beans are spilled! Bravo Ranbir “Confession” Kapoor!

Ranbir Kapoor, the cool suave dude from “The first family of Bollywood – The Khaandani Kapoors”, has inherited more than just acting skills from his ancestors. Well, we mean link-ups with his leading ladies!

While the family has always tried to keep their affairs under wraps (though they hardly succeeded), Ranbir has always been open about his personal life. Raj Kapoor – Nargis and Rishi Kapoor – Dimple Kapadia affairs were no less than Mills & Boon romances, where Raj Kapoor had an extra marital with Nargis, and Rishi & Dimple were allegedly stepsiblings!

Ranbir had earlier confessed that he had a troubled childhood, as his parents, Rishi Kapoor – Neetu Singh, did not get along well. This revelation shattered the rosy image that the audiences had of the adorable on-screen off-screen couple.

To make-up for this disclosure by their bold son, the world saw Rishi and Neetu giving joint appearances to prove that they are one happy family now! And they did succeed in the some of their recent flicks together! One of them is Besharam where they appeared to support their son. The film was out rightly trashed by the audience but kudos to the couple!! What a cover-up act there!

But the golden question here is that does having a troubled bachpanentitle one to cheating??

Ranbir, one of the most eligible bachelors of Bollywood, admits that he has learnt a lot about relationships, especially of that between a man and woman. Though, we are sure, ex-girlfriends of Ranbir Kapoor would not agree with this statement at all!

When Ranbir met Deepika Padukone, it seemed as though the Kapoors would soon take ‘Band Baaja Baarat’ to ace sportsman Prakash Padukone’s home. The couple was inseparable and Deepika even went on to tattoo Ranbir’s initials on the nape of her neck. Yes, we know this is stale news, but, the recent Cola ad that hints on the Deepika’s tattoo, brings alive the incident!

The love story of this couple, that looked so much in ‘true’ love, ended with Katrina Kaif stealing Rockstar Ranbir’s heart. While, no one knew the actual reason for the break-up, we had supporters for both the Bolly stars.

While Deepika openly admitted that for her it was genuine unconditional love, her ‘Sanwariya’ kept mum. But when, he did speak, he took everyone by surprise. We heard Ranbir saying that he had cheated on Deepika, due to his immaturity, inexperience, and callousness. He had taken advantage of temptations, and he was really not committed!

We really do not wish to comment on this disclosure. Whether it is really cool or not to admit one’s infidelity, is one’s personal choice.

With both stars having moved on in life, the thing we admire the most is that they have not decided to part ways professionally. With Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, the couple gave an adrenalin rush to all the teenage audiences and they promise to keep the spark ablaze onscreen with Imtiaz Ali’s next, supposedly titled, Tamasha.

We wish both of them all the happiness, with or without each other, though, we would love to see both of them together in real life!

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