Aamir Khan, If You Leave India – You Have Got These Job Opportunities Abroad!

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Aamir Khan was recently present at the Ramnath Goenka Excellence Awards.

During the conversation, he revealed his wife’s deep thoughts on how ‘intolerant’ our nation is, how there is sense of ‘insecurity’ and ‘fear’ in the society as well as in his family.

We thought of what Aamir would do if he actually leaves India and start a new life in altogether in a different country.

No doubt his wife is pissed off, sad, scared by the growing “intolerance” in the nation, we just have hope that she never come across any racist remarks (which are quite common in several nations). We also suggest him to not to go in Syria too, where civil war is going on, also in Paris as we know about terror attacks that recently happened, USA too, as they fund ISIS and other terror outfits also. He can skip few other nations, who are jostling is some issue or the other.

If Aamir Khan ever makes up his mind to leave India for a nation which resembles UTOPIA, then here are some kinds of jobs (what most of the Indian immigrants, who are over qualified but do these menial jobs to survive) that he can do as soon as he lands in a foreign nation.

  1. Gas Stations attendant 

Many Indians run gas stations so it will be easier for Aamir to work in any gas station. Soon he will master in it, as we know how big time perfectionist he is. He can excel soon like he did in his Bollywood career and then he kick start his own gas station. Not a bad idea.


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