Troubles You Face As An Experienced Employee Working Alongside A Younger Staff

Everyone’s a newbie at some point of time at a workplace. You, too, joined an organisation as a fresher and were enthusiastic and full of ideas.

As time passes, you become the experienced employee, whereas new and fresh individuals join your firm.

You may certainly share massive age difference with them, which in all honesty, might bother you after a certain point of time.

Here are different experiences that you can relate to if you work alongside a younger office staff –


When you are a senior member of the team, you expect the younger ones to look up to you. The younger ones, on the other hand, believe in being independent and relying more on their special skill set rather than seeking advice from the experienced ones.

not reliant

The younger staff is not reliant on you for advice


A clash of egos is common. Based on your personality, you either want to teach them the right way to handle projects or degrade them for messing stuff up. Regardless of what alternative you select, arguments come into the forefront.

clash of ego

Ego clashes among the experienced and fresh staff is common


Most terms used by the young staff is alien to you. Terms such as ROFL, LFMAO and LOL (which, by the way, has two meanings and can confuse you when you personally understand their full form) bug you making you reluctant to converse with them in the future.

language is alien

You are completely unknown to terms like ROFL, LMFAO and LOL


You will also notice that they are overly competitive, which facilitates melodramatic instances on numerous occasions. Small talks are no longer a conversation starter (…not a conversation option on the whole).

overly competitive

The younger staff is overly competitive


You find the younger staff fiddling with the social network platforms time and again. You have to be careful around them, for you never know what video of you might appear on video sharing websites like YouTube or Vimeo.

social media

They spend a lot of time on social media


When it comes to sharing information, you will find them asking for more. They will want to know everything about the organisation. Over time, you will find them knowing details about the company that you never knew before. They will also want to know everything about the lives of every single employee.

know more

They are hungry for information


They will try getting in touch with you even on the weekend – casually as well as for work-related business. Where you dedicate the weekend for rejuvenation, the young crowd goes out of its way to learn something new every day.

call anytime

They try to get in touch with you any time


The young staffs are also passionate about music and you will realise that they cannot function without it. They will always have their headphones on while they work on a project at hand.

music and work

They always work while listening music


The coffee breaks they take are longer and more often than not, look like a social gathering. Whether they prefer having coffee at their workstation or by the coffee machine in the office, their breaks will extend to up to 20 minutes…minimum.

coffee breaks

They take long coffee breaks


Their references and jokes usually contain sexual innuendos. You have to think about the “joke” twice before you get the reference.

sexual innuendo

Their conversations contain sexual innuendos

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