10 Undeniable Talents You Need To Become A Bigg Boss Contestant ‘¦ and Win It Too!

If you want to get into Bigg Boss house, then there is a simple list of TALENTS that one needs to hold for a ROCKING ENTRY to BB 8! Here they are!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!

The air is heating up for the Big Baap of TV Shows appearing on our screens from third week of this month onwards; BIGG BOSS 8!

All the talented and not-so-talented celebs of the nation will keep us glued to the idiot box. Simply for the reason that we all love to bid goodbye to our intellect and sensibilities, and enjoy those interestingly idiotic antics displayed by the BB Clan.

Hey, that reminds me, anybody can contest for the BB Seasons!  Well of course yes!  After all the show promotes the people who are nobodies trying to be somebody, right?

Let us make it easy for you if you wish to see yourself inside the house, if not this season, may the next one. Till then you can work on polishing the skills.

There is a simple list of TALENTS that one needs to hold for a ROCKING ENTRY to BB 8! Here they are!

1 a) You must WE INSIST, you must have the supersonic rather magical vocal chords to shout at the fellow contestants at one moment… AND…



1 b) Coochi-coo with your LOVE INTEREST and whisper sweet sweet nothings in their ears.. the very next moment!!



2) For all that you are worth; you MUST BE A BIG LOSER to be a housemate in Bigg Boss. If you are already successful, forget your dream to be seen inside the house! Well of course, success will happen to you once you leave the house!



3) Make sure you have a family that can visit you inside the house and can act to deliver some MELODRAMATIC scenes that can fetch you some TRPs and of course, POPULARITY!



4) You must possess an OUTSTANDING TALENT to be the “Thaali Ka Baingan”! Don’t stick to one group for long. You must know how to keep everyone happy and score the BROWNIE POINTS!



5) You must be a GOOD SMARITAN! Help and get helped. Clean, wash, manage, organize….. and PRETEND to be a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN of the nation. Know it all to win it all!



6) You have to sport the weirdest looking hairdos, and if possible… FACE TOO! It grabs the attention you see!



7) You must be the MASTER OF NASTYNESS who can create havoc inside the house! Audience would go crazy about you. Good way or bad… does it matter?



8 a) If you are a girl, practice some sexy EARLY MORNING DANCE MOVES without brushing your teeth! After all, a smelly mouth should not hamper your hip-swaying skills! Look sexy when you get up. Render a latka-jhatka or two for that seeti bajaoo audience!



8 b) If you are a boy, make some solah ke dole shole right in front of the cameras, pump it up hard and sprawl around bare-chested! You must know how to make the girly clan drool over you!!



9) No no my dear, no shying away from sex scenes! No aversion form giving those under-the-sheets-not-to-be-captured scenes! Do it! Give it! And hon the skill to go “ooops this was captured too. Ohhh My Gawwwd! No No This is not me”. Yes this works!



10) And finally, You must take a crash course in “How to Patao Sallu Bhai in Just 2 Episodes” ! Once you learn that, there you go! You land a meaty role in Sallu Bhai’s next flick! Bas phir kya…..Bigg Boss gaya tel lene!




So my childlike aspirants buckle up your pants and start acquiring these skills to get inside the BIGG BOSS house. If you master all of them, trust me…. nobody… I mean… NO BODY AT ALL can stop you from coming out as a winner and be the NEXT BIG THING!


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